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How One Pregnant Woman's Terrifying Night in the ER Made Her Love Her Stretch Marks

“I didn’t care if my whole body was covered in stretch marks if it meant my baby was OK.”  (Photo: Instagram/_healthy_fit_mama)

Stretch marks around the abdomen are quite common for women during pregnancy, and many women tend to look for ways to cover them up. But one new mom has decided to share a candid photo of her postpartum belly as a reminder that stretch marks are “beautiful” and a sign your body is creating life. But it took a scary night spent in the emergency room for her to come to that realization.

“I went 8 months with only two or three little stretch marks and then BAM! Woke up like this,” wrote the mom, known as _healthy_fit_mama on Instagram. She posted a close-up of her stretch-marked tummy with her infant daughter cuddled next to her, and admitted that when she first discovered the marks, she started crying.

“I remember thinking ‘I’ll never be able to wear a bikini!’ or ‘Will my husband even find me attractive anymore?'”

But then she recalled one harrowing night during her pregnancy when she woke up and couldn’t feel her baby move. She started panicking.

“I woke my husband up crying, thinking something horrible had happened. We rushed to the ER and horrible thoughts flooded my mind,” she wrote. “I didn’t care if my whole body was covered in stretch marks if it meant my baby was OK. I didn’t care if this heartburn lasts forever just please let my baby be OK”

“There were so many miserable times during my pregnancy that didn’t even matter at that point. All I cared about was if my baby was OK.”

When she finally heard her baby’s little heartbeat on the monitor at the hospital, a wave of relief, joy and pure bliss overwhelmed her. In that moment she remembered that her body was creating life — her body was stretching to accommodate her precious baby, and that the physical changes that resulted from that were a beautiful thing.

“So today as I look down and see those beautiful stretch marks, I’m reminded that It doesn’t matter,” she concluded. “She is OK and she is healthy because of those marks. She is alive because my body grew to give her life. I love these marks.”

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