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The One Thing I Would Have Done Differently When Planning My Wedding

Dawn Strong

Wedding planning is filled with shoulda, woulda, coulda's, but the beauty of any and all Big Day celebrations? They always seems to work out, no matter what. But, if there's one thing I regret when planning my very own nuptials, it's that we didn't register with Zola and take advantage of their thousands of gifts + experiences, not to mention cash funds. It would have been super simple to set up - and our registry would have been awesome, plus we would have received a $50 credit towards all the goodies we love.

My hubs and I had been cohabitating for awhile before we tied the knot, so we honestly didn't see the need for a registry - but, we were so wrong. Every single one of our friends + family wanted to buy us a gift to celebrate, and honestly? Our good intentions left them scrambling. Registering with Zola would have given them a lot of amazing options, and been nice for us, too. Because, while we didn't need that extra toaster or stand mixer, we really would have loved the fun excursions, classes or cash funds that we could have put towards virtually anything, like that guided fishing trip on our honeymoon. It would’ve been nice to upgrade some of the everyday items we already had, too. To top it off, Zola's registries are super gorgeous, and you can even add items to your registry from anywhere, making it so, so easy for your guests. They even have amazing items like Airbnb gift cards and Blowouts at Drybar, plus everything you'll need to get that newlywed home started if you are unlike me and need the traditional essentials - gorgeous kitchenware, bedroom everything and more.

I'm typically one of those people that shy away from gift receiving ("Don't get us anything" is always my go-to answer), but hindsight is definitely 20/20 and registering is NOT something you should skip out on. If you're feeling unsure about where to begin, Zola is where it's at, because it's a registry that also makes it easy + personal for your guests - the most important part, in my opinion. I love that you can add pics of you + yours and little notes to your loved ones to thank them in advance. They even offer Group Gifting options for your more expensive items, free shipping AND price matching - something your nearest and dearest will really love. Not to mention that their customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions, so no one will feel lost when navigating your page, or confused on what to buy.

I may have skipped out on one of the coolest parts of wedding planning, but you don't have to. Don't make the same mistake we did and be sure to register on Zola for a stress-free experience that is just as pretty as it is useful. With over 50,000 gifts, cash funds and experiences from 500 top brands, you'll find what you've been looking for, whether you've been living together for years OR are just starting your new home together. And bonus: Zola offers a free suite of planning tools for stress-free planning AND free wedding websites. It's basically the end all, be all of wedding registries and I insist you check out!


Ready to begin that registry of your dreams? Head to Zola and REGISTER NOW to receive a $50 credit! Yep, a $50 credit towards all of their amazing gifts and experiences! Head there now and don't miss out!*The credits will be available when you set up your wedding registry at Zola and receive $500 in gifts; other terms & conditions apply.