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The one tweet that sums up the reaction to the Ezekiel Elliott ruling

Friday, a Texas district court judge granted a temporary restraining order preventing the NFL from implementing a six-game suspension of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. That the case involved an alleged domestic violence situation was largely lost on the world of Twitter, which instead was consumed with how the decision would impact the very, very, very important world of fantasy football. And no tweet summed up said analysis better than this:

It’s a joke of course, but since the world has lost its sense of humor, it’s a needed reminder for some of those social media warriors who are no doubt sharpening their keyboards as I type.

If there was ever an indicator as to why the NFL is so popular, why player news matters so much to “fans” coast to coast, it’s this. In the grand scheme of fandemonium, Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension should have been celebrated everywhere outside of metro Dallas, if only because it took the league’s defending rushing champ off the field for nearly a third of the season. And also because he plays for the Cowboys, and if you don’t like the Cowboys you hate the Cowboys.

Yet, when word came down Friday that Zeke’s suspension had been postponed, even if only temporarily, there was much rejoice across the land because, well, he’s on your fantasy team and you gambled on him in, say, the third round, and now you got tremendous value for that pick, and really, that matters more than the fact that your Eagles or Redskins or Giants have to face him twice this season. Or that the case involved an alleged physical altercation with a woman.


and …

and …

And on and on it goes.

There’s no judgement here on drafting Elliott. Hell, he’s 100-percent owned in Yahoo Fantasy leagues, and if you didn’t draft him, somebody else would have.

It’s just telling what the NFL really means to a lot of people.

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