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Onething Technologies to Unveil a New Concept of Phone-Based Shared Computing Smart Device OneThing Cloud Mini at CES 2019

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Leading cloud and blockchain innovator Shenzhen Onething Technologies Co., Ltd. (“Onething Technologies”) today announced that it will unveil a new concept of shared computing phone-based smart device OneThing Cloud mini, at CES 2019. The new conceptual product, OneThing Cloud mini, will be the world’s first phone-based shared computing smart device. It is designed to aggregate idle computing resources from spare smartphones and to convert these resources into enterprise-level cloud services.

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With the rapid development of big data, 4K content, AI, VR and other emerging technologies, the explosive growth of demands for CPUs, bandwidth, storage and other computing resources has never been seen before. Meanwhile, the number of redundant mobile phones has been on dramatic rise. For example, China Mobile forecasted 350 million mobile phones in China to be replaced or disposed in 2019. Onething Technologies’ recent market survey showed that 94% of respondents have more than one phone at home which is often left unused.

Through OneThing Cloud mini, idle bandwidth, CPUs and storage in users’ spare smartphones will be effectively collected and converted into Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Content Delivery Network (CDN), Edge Storage Service (ESS) and other cloud services for corporates. To enhance trust and incentives among users and enterprises, blockchain technology will also be integrated into OneThing Cloud mini as a bookkeeping system and a reward program.

To learn more about Onething Technologies and its products, please visit its CES booth at Westgate (Tech East) #1507 from January 8-11, 2019.

About Onething Technologies

Shenzhen Onething Technologies Co., Ltd. (“Onething Technologies”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xunlei Limited (XNET) and is a leading innovator in shared computing and blockchain technology. Onething Technologies invents shared computing technology which establishes a distributed network by encouraging millions of personal users to share idle resources through blockchain-powered sharing economy smart devices. Through its shared computing platform StellarCloud, Onething Technologies provides high-quality, cost-effective cloud services and solutions for corporate clients. Leveraging shared computing platform, Onething Technologies has established ThunderChain, a high-performance blockchain operating system that can concurrently process over one million transaction per second (TPS) and realize confirmation in one second.

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