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Online Entrepreneur Academy Set for Pre-Launch

CHEYENNE, WY / ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2018 / Online Entrepreneur Academy, which is based in the U.S., has announced the launch of the first of its kind, a one year curriculum to learn the most important skillsets to meet the demands of the market today when learning how to become an online entrepreneur.

The major distinguishing features that sets this company apart is they are the first to offer a full curriculum, versus just one-off courses. Included inside the curriculum are success tracks customized to the person attending to find out what may be the most suitable option for them based on their goals and personality.

The classes are taught in live virtual settings, similar to an online classroom, where members are able to engage and work together on projects that range on topics that are relevant today. From social media to e-commerce to online network marketing, the programs cover a broad range of subjects along with a roadmap so members know exactly where they are heading and results they will achieve by the time they finish their success track.

Founder of Online Entrepreneur Academy, Alex Dee states, "I had grown up with a traditional education background, which was okay, as far as making me a well rounded person. But I got my hiring and firing slip in the same week from a major telecom company after I graduated. Later on, during my corporate job career, I spent 42 weeks out of 52 away from the very people I was working so hard to provide for. So I knew there had to be a better way where I didn't have to work just to make money and sacrifice the other priorities in my life in order to do it! So, after studying over 200 business models with my private equity background, the online space just made sense. It's the only market that was not cyclical, like real estate, stocks, or the 8-5 worklife. And it continued to increase with success stories since its inception over 25 years ago. The Internet entrepreneur can obtain a nice work-life balance because you can do it from anywhere!"

After starting part time while he was working, Alex was able to transition to full time online and now runs several successful online businesses. While this is nice, what he'll tell his clients is that it's not the most important thing.

Alex continues, "What happened was we started teaching this to others and we noticed others having success. And with that success came the ability for them to be home with their families, take better care of their health as they could be at home, be fulfilled and make a great impact on their communities! So then it went from being a business to becoming more of our life's mission! How many more lives can we impact? And that is what we're after today! Showing people how to have a transformation and breakthrough from the person they are today to the person they always wanted to be!"

Along with the virtual live courses, they also include archived courses that are created by the best in the subjects that are taught. These are not simply theorists, but real life entrepreneurs who have mastered their niche and created real life success to the point they are now considered the best in their industry.

When asked how Alex was able to have so many prestigious names in his curriculum, he simply responded "It wasn't hard! We simply shared with them the 'why' we were doing it along with the vision and they all wanted to be a part of it! I think after an entrepreneur experiences success and masters his game, the next point of evolvement for them comes from teaching and building a legacy! And how do you that? By impacting as many lives as possible!"

With the Internet having 4.1 billion users thoughout the world, and about 3.8 billion mobile Internet users, there is significant potential for establishing an online business that can provide substantial revenue. The online sale of physical goods had reached $360.3 billion in 2016 and it is predicted that this will be more than $600 billion by 2021. Thus, having an e-commerce storefront on platforms like Shopify, integrated with a company website, can take care of the commercial aspect of the company with little startup costs.

When asked who is Online Entrepreneur Academy good for, Alex replied, "Anyone who's looking for a transformation in their lives and seeks the work-life balance. We've had everyone from stay at home moms, corporate dads, business owners who were looking to make life simpler by knowing how to market their business online, and retirees, because you're only as old as you feel and it's never too late to have a breakthrough."

Online entrepreneur academy is set to pre-launch in late October 2018 and will be accepting new members until it's official launch in March 2019.

For those who are interested in getting more information about becoming an online business success can visit the Online Entrepreneur Academy website.

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Alex Dee

SOURCE: Online Entrepreneur Academy