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Online Marketing Agency, fishbat, Discusses 5 Ways Manufacturing Companies Can Utilize Social Media Marketing to Increase ROI

PATCHOGUE, N.Y., Feb. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its ongoing initiative to teach companies how to self-promote, online marketing agency, fishbat, discusses how manufacturers can utilize social media to increase ROI.


Social media marketing may seem like an obvious choice for companies operating in industries such as retail or health and beauty, but the fact is that companies of all stripes can benefit from investing in a social strategy and that absolutely includes manufacturers.

From learning to how your manufacturing company is perceived online to actually promoting your manufacturing brand, a strong social media presence should be a major component of your manufacturing company's broader marketing strategy.

Read on for an informative discussion on 5 Ways manufacturing companies can use social media to increase ROI.

Shhh… Just Listen

Before beginning any social media strategy, to take a moment and listen to the online chatter about your manufacturing company across social platforms. While you're at it, listen to what customers are saying about your main competitors. Utilize this information as the basis of your social media strategy. Are there areas where your company is weak? Or aspects of your process that have absolutely delighted your customers? Highlight course corrections and uplifting customer stories when you move into the execution stage of your social strategy.

While we're on the subject of listening, be sure to do a bit of eavesdropping on your chief competitors' social feeds. Look for areas where you can outshine them in addition to places where your processes can use a little work. And don't forget to listen to trusted voices in your industry such as trade magazines and other media outlets.

Become an Industry Leader

Becoming an industry leader should be a key goal in any manufacturer's social strategy. How does this look in practice? By sharing informative, relevant content to your followers about your industry and manufacturing process, you can become a trusted source of knowledge. Blog posts, white papers, eBooks and videos are great ways to deliver relevant, informative content to your fans and followers.

Be sure to find the balance between sharing knowledge and self-promoting as your manufacturing company is creating content. Too much promotion can undermine the tone of "trusted authority," but a concise and compelling call to action at the end of a piece can add just the right amount of self-promotion.

Crowdsource Content

Once your manufacturing company has built up a sizeable following, do not be afraid to reach out to your fans and followers for curated content. For example, a textile manufacturer might create a social media post asking their followers to share their favorite outside of the box uses for textiles. Their responses can be shared across social media platforms and used as the basis of a future blog post (Think: "10 Creative Ways to Use Textiles from Our Followers"). Even a positive comment from your manufacturing company on follower responses can generate customer goodwill and expand your reach.

Video Makes a Social Media Star

Sharing videos on social media is not just limited to more glamorous industries like fashion and beauty. Manufacturing companies do themselves a disservice by not sharing videos of their nitty, gritty processes. Current and prospective customers will appreciate seeing your manufacturing process in action, and you never know when a video will go viral. Creating videos is an easy way to create the kind of content that social media users appreciate.

Budget for Social Media Advertising

As your manufacturing company contemplates its marketing and advertising budget, make sure that social media promotion gets a slice of the pie. Utilize social media metrics to determine your most popular posts and invest in promoting them across the platform to increase impressions, likes and follows. In this new, social media focused economy, no marketing budget is complete without some dollars going to social sharing and promotions.

About fishbat

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