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Online Marketing Company fishbat Explains Why Visual Assets are Becoming Key in Online Marketing

Following an article posted on Business 2 Community, online marketing company fishbat, explains why visual assets are the most important part of online marketing

Bohemia, NY / http://www.myprgenie.com/ / via ACCESSWIRE / March 22, 2014 / fishbat, one of the top online marketing companies in America, explains why the main component of successful online marketing is custom visual assets.
According to a February 18th article posted on Business 2 Community titled "Online Marketing Trends Are Moving Toward Visual Assets," pictures and videos are the most important part of online marketing. Visual assets allow consumers to see what a business is about and how technology savvy they are. Pictures and videos can display a message in a more creative, visually appealing way.

The article reveals a list of the top visual assets to use in online marketing. Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at fishbat, an award winning online marketing company, has compiled a list of his favorite visual assets to use in an online marketing campaign.

1. Videos - Videos are a great way to display a message. "Businesses can get their message across quickly and simply in a matter of seconds using a video," says Maas. "Make sure to make your video exciting and try to add a little humor to keep people interested. Videos can also help improve your Google ranking. In fact, a website with video is 53 times more likely to wind up on the first page of Google results."

2. Memes - "Memes are a great way for businesses to keep up with trends. They are typically images with funny text. People love to share these, and you can alter these to make them relevant to your company. Don't neglect these viral treasures, as they can be great exposure for your business," says Maas.

3. Infographics - Infographics display facts and information in a simple, fresh way. "Infographics are a great way of displaying statistics and other information in an appealing way. They get people to really look at numbers and share out the information," says Maas.

Visual assets are necessary to gain the attention of consumers online. "By using visual assets, you gain the interest of consumers who would otherwise pass you by. Visual assets are a great way to amuse viewers and make your business relatable," says Maas. "Try using a picture or video today and watch what can happen. The results are often amazing."

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