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The Last Person With A Perfect Bracket Didn't Enter It In The Billion-Dollar Challenge

Tony Manfred
perfect ncaa bracket


UPDATE: The last perfect bracket is is no longer perfect after Dayton beat Syracuse.


Warren Buffett's billion-dollar bracket challenge is over.

There are no perfect brackets left in the pool, Quicken Loans announced on Friday night.

There is one guy who still has a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket on Yahoo, but he didn't enter it into the Buffett challenge.

His name is Brad Binder, Yahoo says, and he picked all 32 1st-round games right.

He entered his bracket in three different Yahoo-hosted pools, but not the the billion dollar challenge.

It's possible that he was under the assumption that simply entering a bracket on Yahoo automatically entered it into the Buffett challenge. But that is not the case.

He said on Twitter that he did his bracket in five minutes:

For the love of the bracket guys, did it for the love of the bracket

— Brad Binder (@Brad_Binder_) March 22, 2014

Can everyone just relax and stop analyzing this? I really did my picks in about 5 minutes lol

— Brad Binder (@Brad_Binder_) March 22, 2014

To hell with Quicken Loans, I'll get my billion back with H&R Block

— Brad Binder (@Brad_Binder_) March 22, 2014

He has Oregon in the Final Four, so this probably won't remain perfect for long.

But still, poor Brad:

perfect bracket



yahoo bracket


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