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As the only strategic partner with QFpay, Alchemy rapidly gained accesse to multiple international markets and gained great advantage in the field of global cryptocurrency payment industry.

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / October 7, 2019 / Before we have the SNS giant--Facebook, as the pioneer of digital currency, issued its cryptocurrency LIBRA, shortly after we also heard JP MORGAN, Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions entering the field of blockchain. And now the United States' fourth largest bank, Wells Fargo, recently announced that it would develop cryptocurrency and pegged it to the US dollar, which pushed the cryptocurrency to another level. The growing cryptocurrency industry also means a bigger cryptocurrency payment market. Under such circumstances, anyone who can make innovations and seize the opportunities will undoubtedly take the lead in the field of cryptocurrency payment field.

Alchemy, as a cryptocurrency payment service provider, seized these opportunities and continually iteration itself so that launched Asia's first cryptocurrency and fiat currency mobile payment solution. It provides cryptocurrency payment systems and solutions for businesses and merchants for different countries. At present, Alchemy has entered in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries to solidify its position as a pioneer and leader of global cryptocurrency payment system.

To accelerate its globalization process, Alchemy announced to be the strategic partner with QFpay, a world-renowned third-party payment company. We will mutually support as well as benefit each other and signed the "The Exclusive Agreement on The Corporation of Global Cryptocurrency and Fiat Payment." In the next year, digital currency payment services will be provided according to the local law for 1.2 million affiliated merchants of QFpay.

With this powerful partnership, it is expected we will extend both our business to a dozen countries and regions including the UAE, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Hong Kong etc. in the coming years. The population of these regions will exceed 2 billion in total.

In addition to emphasize the vast market of cryptocurrency, using cryptocurrency as payment is also an important solution for rebuilding the monetary and financial systems of many countries and realizing the upgrading of national industries and financial services. The financial revolution caused by cryptocurrency has opened many countries' doors and accelerated the application deployment of cryptocurrency.

In many countries such as Latin America and Africa, there have been cases in which the national currency has been through depreciation in various degrees, and then benefits the US dollar, such as Argentina. That country's currency is determined by US dollar. Cryptocurrency will become an important choice for its reconstruction of the monetary and financial system. In Singapore and Hong Kong, the financial services industry plays an important role. As cryptocurrency is the most important part of the newly financial infrastructure, to support cryptocurrency is to enhance the importance of financial services, which is a great opportunity to seize the advantages of this century. The Gulf oil countries represented by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East are rich but they are not sustainable. Although tourism in some countries such as Dubai can create some profits, it still did not build its own competitiveness for the future. Therefore, they hope to achieve national industrial improvement through scientific and technological industries. In some Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are regarded as a strategic material reserve.

Alchemy seized the opportunity and plans to enter many countries to provide the most advanced cryptocurrency payment systems and solutions for those regions. These countries or regions also actively working with Alchemy based on their need for cryptocurrency payments. ALCHEMY has set up businesses in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UAE. More than 2,000 high-end commercial vehicles of Mid West in Singapore, and Hong Kong's Pricerite all of them can be paid by cryptocurrency. This technology is provided by ACH (Alchemy). Some businesses in Japan have also begun to provide such services. Currently, businesses in most parts of Dubai are able to be paid by QFpay's POS or QR code. Besides, technology of Burj Khalifa's ticket payment is also provided by QFpay.

This is just the beginning for Alchemy. Connecting more enterprises, creating a cryptocurrency payment platform, and becoming the "PayPal of the cryptocurrency world" is just a small goal of Alchemy. What Alchemy really wants to do is to help countries in need of cryptocurrency payment services and promote the "cryptocurrency and fiat currency dual track settlement system" to enhance their national competitiveness and achieve the transformation or upgrading of their national economic strategy so as to promote and improve local social welfare facilities and economic development.


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