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How OnScreen Helps Large Organizations Be More Effective At Training

·4 min read

Good employee onboarding and training are essential for any business, which is why companies are always looking for ways to enhance their processes. One tool that businesses use to improve their training and onboarding processes are digital adoption platforms (DAPs) like OnScreen.

Just about every business has to deal with the challenge of getting all its employees to reach proficiency in the specific critical enterprise software it utilizes. There are three main aspects organizations have to consider with this.

First off, employees have varying skill sets and learning styles. Further, different employees will need to use the same enterprise software for different processes and purposes. And, last but not least, employees have different digital literacy levels, which influences how and how fast they adopt new technologies.

Overcoming these factors is essential to enable a successful digital adoption, which is the process of reaching a certain level of proficiency with a given technology. This is necessary so that end-users can understand and most effectively utilize it in their role.

Businesses are fully aware of this, which is why they are always looking to enhance and improve the training and onboarding processes they utilize.

Employee Training And Onboarding Is A Big Task

Traditionally, training and support staff have their work cut out for them. Onboarding employees, training them, and getting them on the same page as everyone else, while also worrying about keeping them there is a monumental task. That being said, it is also the key to a successful digital adoption.

In order to accomplish this, training staff need to be able to meet end-users at their skill level, promote organization-wide digital literacy, and address each role’s enterprise software training needs independently. However, this highly individualized training is impossible with a one-size-fits-all training program.

This is why organizations have started implementing DAPs like OnScreen into their onboarding processes. OnScreen is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that focuses on helping large enterprises be more effective at training and onboarding their employees. With its walkthrough guides, it makes the onboarding and training of employees more efficient and helps them be more productive sooner.

Employee Onboarding And Training Made Easy

Unlike with most other DAP tools, OnScreen guides are very quick and easy to create, navigate, and maintain due to the very clear-cut interface. So, trainers and process experts can easily create and modify in-application walkthrough guides that enable employees to accomplish any task in their enterprise system.

Additionally, due to the fact they can be overlaid on a business application or ERP, which is short for enterprise resource planning, a type of software organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities, these walkthrough guides can provide employees with step-by-step contextual help at the time of need. This increases productivity and efficiency, and it also improves the workflow.

Further, OnScreen enables program administrators to see how users engage the walkthrough guides, which helps them understand their utilization rates. This, in turn, enables them to know the effectiveness of their onboarding program and target the areas that need to be improved.

Being able to use ERPs, like SAP, to their fullest extent is not only a good skill for an employee to have, it is actually critical for any organization’s success. A digital adoption platform like OnScreen runs on top of an enterprise application or system in which end-users need training or support. It provides on-demand process instructions and enables businesses to continuously train their employees.

Constantly Evolving To Stay Truly Agile

Since the guides can easily be modified, new optimizations can instantly be included in the guides. This is important because, just like employee training needs to be continuous for them to be successful in their adoption of SAP or other ERPs, an organization’s onboarding process also has to continually adapt and evolve.

Also, since the employees who are most knowledgeable about the business processes can easily create or modify guides, OnScreen promotes the sharing of information, which leads to increased digital literacy. Further, it allows the company’s experts to gain insight into the workflow of employees.

Because of the ever-changing landscape of business, it is very important to stay ahead of the curve. Companies need DAPs like OnScreen to facilitate a truly agile approach to training and onboarding, which are the foundation of any enterprise’s success. Running a business with badly trained and disengaged employees is not only inefficient, but it is also expensive.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

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