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OOIL: Third party validation of oil and solids removal by the CLEAN-FRAC process and correlation with EPA methods.

By Ian Gilson, PHD, CFA

Test by Fluid Imaging Technologies, an independent imaging laboratory, showed that PetroCAM fluid imaging tests showed a 99.9% reduction in free oil and a 99.5% reduction in suspended solids in water treated by OriginOil's (OOIL) CLEAN-FRAC process. The process also caused an agglomeration of smaller particles.

PetroCAM test results have a high correlation with EPA Method 1664 for determination of oil and grease and non-polar materials in water and could be used for the determination of waste water standards for the disposal of frac water and well water.

A copy of the full research report can be downloaded here >> OriginOil Report 

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