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Oops! Apple Seemingly Leaks Info About New iPads

Yahoo Tech

It’s customary for details on Apple’s new products to be leaked prior to their official announcement, but that typically comes in the form of a report citing anonymous sources or including pictures from a factory worker. This time, it’s Apple itself thats responsible for leaking details on its new iPads.

As discovered by 9to5Mac, the App Store listing for the official iPad user guide has been updated prior to the release of iOS 8.1 — apparently earlier than intended. Screenshots of the guide show off two brand-new devices: the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. They include images of both, complete with a rundown on some of their new features.

Aside from confirming their names, the images show that both new iPads feature the Touch ID sensor seen in recent iPhone models. Also confirmed is support for burst camera shots on the iPad Air 2.

Presumably there will be other enhancements, like faster hardware. But as this is a simple guide to iOS 8, those kinds of things werent detailed.

Luckily, we dont have long to wait before we get the full details, as Apple has an event scheduled for tomorrow where it was widely believed the company would show off its new iPads. Now we know exactly what to expect.

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