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OpenALPR Announces Major Software Upgrade

Latest version includes seamless video recording and data analytics for law enforcement; At 99.02%, Version 2.6 achieves accuracy beyond human levels

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / October31, 2018 / OpenALPR Technology, Inc., a company that develops automatic license plate and vehicle recognition software, announced that it has released a major upgrade to its OpenALPR software solution.In addition to remarkable accuracy, Version 2.6 offers new features that include seamless video recording, data analytics to further aid law enforcement and expanded international support. The new features demonstrate how quickly the advances gained from deep learning algorithms can expand capabilities and horizons for applications.

Near Perfect Accuracy. The latest release of the OpenALPR software achieves a 99.02% accuracy rating on a publicly available benchmark containing United States license plates.''This is a major milestone for us,'' explains Matt Hill, CTO of OpenALPR. ''When you account for typos, our team of data entry professionals type in plate numbers at roughly 98.5% accuracy.This is the first release where we are seeing some benchmarks for our deep learning algorithms that exceed human-level accuracy.''

Data Analytics. A second improvement analyzes large volumes of data and finds correlations with known criminal activity.This enables law enforcement officers to search for suspicious patterns of behavior without having to know the license plate number or vehicle information in advance. "Using OpenALPR's new data analytics features, we were able to identify and arrest a suspect regularly transporting illegal narcotics from the city into our county,'' commented Lieutenant Brian Hess of the Westchester County Police.''The software helps our detectives generate a list of suspects knowing just limited information, such as the time and location of associated criminal activity."

New Video Features. OpenALPR Version 2.6 also adds seamless video recording and playback to OpenALPR's web-accessible dashboard.In this mode, any IP camera can be used for general surveillance recording and can serve as a collection point for license plate and vehicle information such as make, model, and color.''Traditional LPR cameras have been used exclusively for capturing license plates, while police or security used a separate camera for general surveillance recording,'' remarked Matt Hill.''OpenALPR software integrates these functions for existing cameras, streamlining both processes. It can add LPR functionality to almost any existing IP camera now being used for surveillance.''

Expanded International Support. Of note for international users, OpenALPR Version 2.6 has expanded support for license plate recognition in Russia, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, and Oman.In addition to these significant software upgrades on October 11th OpenALPR entered into a management services agreement with Novume Solutions, Inc NASDAQ ''NVMM'' to support our rapid growth https://www.novume.com/novume-and-openalpr-enter-into-management-services-agreement/

About OpenALPR Technology, Inc.

OpenALPR builds software that enables automatic license plate and vehicle recognition through virtually any IP camera. Its industry-leading artificial intelligence-based solutions can be hosted locally or in the cloud. Combined with its robust and growing license plate database covering 60 countries, OpenALPR's software can identify in real time vehicle license plate data, color, make, model and body type.

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