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OpenEBS is 1.0 and MayaOnline Available on Premises

SAN JOSE, Calif. and BANGALORE, India, June 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MayaData, the company behind the open source project OpenEBS, announced today that OpenEBS 1.0 has been released. In addition MayaOnline, a data management application used by many OpenEBS users is now available both for download and as a SaaS solution at MayaData.io. OpenEBS is the leading open source Container Attached Storage software and is an official Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.

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Users of OpenEBS include Adobe, Cisco, IBM, NuoDB, ActivEngage, Streetline, and thousands of others.

Uma Mukkara, co-founder of MayaData and COO said: "I'm extremely proud of the years of work from hundreds of engineers working together in an open way to deliver what is now OpenEBS 1.0. I'd like to especially thank all those users that invested in the project via their feedback whether GitHub issues, 15 minute calls, or just Slack chats."

Both the OpenEBS and the MayaOnline releases were focused primarily on solidifying the software solution for long term support. However, new features include:

  • LocalPV support: OpenEBS 0.9 included Alpha support for OpenEBS managing LocalPVs. This popular feature has now progressed to beta status and is being used for workloads that require more performance and do not require additional resiliency from OpenEBS. OpenEBS provides automation including provisioning and the management of underlying storage devices.
  • On-premise deployment of MayaOnline: MayaOnline provides visibility and control for stateful workloads running on any Kubernetes environment. An on-premise version of MayaOnline, called Maya-Onprem is available for free download from here.
  • Improved access controls and security policies: As explained in the 0.9 release blog that also previewed 1.0 from chief architect Kiran Mova, OpenEBS supports Kubernetes RBAC policies, runs well in secure environments, supports encryption and recent contributions from the community help it to run with pod security policies as well. With OpenEBS 1.0 and MayaOnline for on-premise usage, security policies, testing and controls are further enhanced.

Other highlights of MayaOnline include additional management screens, monitoring application chaos engineering results, integration with cloud billing, and the ability to better manage multiple users for collaboration. Features supporting DBA like activities are also being added as well to simplify the usage of OpenEBS in data pipelines.

Lastly, the recently announced project kubemove.io, which defines the operator and initial API for data mobility across providers and hybrid clouds, has attained initial traction from the community. The initial design proposal for the project is here. The OpenEBS partner ecosystem continues to grow with large system integrators like Wipro building their Kubernetes data management and support solutions based on MayaData technology stack.

About MayaData (www.mayadata.io)

MayaData, the data agility company, offers software to accelerate the building and operations of stateful applications on Kubernetes based clouds, whether on-premises, on public or hybrid clouds. MayaData customers achieve per team autonomy, end to end visibility, and organization wide control and other benefits by leveraging OpenEBS and other open source components. Enterprises and service providers use MayaData solutions to add to their existing systems a layer that addresses common barriers to productivity and risks of lock-in that arise from relying solely on proprietary storage systems and services.

MayaData Media Contact:

Nisanta Sahoo
4300 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 270
San Jose, CA 95129


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