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Openfabric Announces Alpha Release of the Platform in Q1 2022

Sibiu, Romania--(Newsfile Corp. - December 11, 2021) - Openfabric is excited to announce that they will finally be releasing the private testnet of their platform in Q1, 2022! They encourage early innovators to participate and experience the new Internet of AI, where anyone can build, use, and monetize AI solutions at scale.


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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a complicated subject that few people understand. Yet, it is already being used all around. The cameras in our phones, for example, rely heavily on Machine Learning (ML) models to automatically take the prettiest shot possible. Face recognition software is also based on ML models, and it works excellently. However, in reality, we have barely even begun tapping into the exciting world and innovation that AI can offer.

So, why has AI not been developing quickly, even though the computing power needed for AI is already there? The answer is simple: big enterprises own most AI infrastructure and talent, preferring to keep the technology enclosed in silos. As they control the current AI ecosystem, AI technology tends to be expensive, scarce, and inaccessible. Furthermore, few business owners and individuals understand how AI can help them solve problems while lacking AI literacy to understand AI in general.

Openfabric aims to become the "Internet of AI" by providing end-users with a rich and friendly user experience allowing users with no technical expertise or advanced infrastructure to use AI.

Their team has spent more than a year quietly researching and developing a platform where AI developers can collaborate freely while being fairly compensated for their contributions. Also, it reduces the barrier of entry into AI and allows everyone to participate in shaping the future of AI technology.

In a perfect world, the future of the AI ecosystem is borderless, transparent, accessible to all, and democratic. Openfabric aims to achieve this by leveraging the power of blockchain to scale AI adoption to the masses.

Openfabric reduces the costs of AI usage significantly and allows a truly free market for AI developers, users, and infrastructure developers alike.

Openfabric is meant for the following stakeholders:

● AI innovators
● Data providers
● Infrastructure providers (providing computing power needed for the AI model training)
● Service consumers

Openfabric has been working silently behind the scenes, developing the best platform for AI possible. They want to deliver a finished product and therefore did not want to attract any attention prematurely. Now that they will launch the Alpha release of their Testnet in Q1 2022, Openfabric is ready to show the world what they have created.

After being silent for many months, Openfabric is ready to speak to the world! Follow them on Twitter, and check out their website! Feel free to contact the team at, or join the Telegram group! Openfabric is here to answer all of your questions.

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