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OpenGov selected to improve efficiency, transparency in Manatee County, FL

County expects to realize 25-30% savings in staff hours, to be reinvested in community services

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla., Dec. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The County of Manatee, FL will usher in a new era of efficiency and transparency with the next budget cycle, utilizing OpenGov Budgeting and Performance software to build the County budget, staffing model, and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) management. The County is also implementing OpenGov Communications and Reporting, integrated software that will make data publicly accessible in real time.

OpenGov is the leader in budgeting and performance for the public sector, powering more effective and accountable government.

Improving internal efficiency
OpenGov's integrated budget reporting features are expected to provide the Manatee County Financial Management Department between 25-30% savings in staff reporting hours because the online system generates accessible, user-friendly reports directly from the budget management system. The Department estimates the new system will also decrease hours spent on CIP reporting by 30% due to the software's integration and automation capability.

During implementation, each Department will set up an internal dashboard to improve clarity for County decision-makers with real-time budget tracking. The software will automate projections, recognizing trends and providing data that will save time and provide more accurate insights for planning.

"Imagine all capital projects being aware of one another and having access to each other's information, from libraries to sewer systems," said Financial Management Director Jan Brewer. "By having these integrated in a one-stop-shop, project managers will have the ability to coordinate plans in concert with one another, making the most of our public resources."

Providing user-friendly data to the public
Manatee County will also move their financial management reporting from an internally built system to OpenGov Communications and Reporting, to provide more accessible, user-friendly data to the public and County officials.

"The software visualization within the budget management system is what originally drew us to OpenGov," said Brewer. "We were impressed with the very precise, advanced level of public reporting we saw from other users, not to mention the design. We believe it will provide a much better user experience for our constituents, who are consistently looking for more data, and increase public confidence that we are managing the County budget effectively."

About OpenGov
OpenGov is the leader in cloud-based solutions for government. The OpenGov Cloud™ is the only integrated cloud solution for budgeting, performance, communications and permitting.


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