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Opsani Wraps 2019 As Leader In AI-Driven Continuous Optimization For Cloud Applications

From Funding to Reducing Clients' Costs by 70 Percent, Opsani Re-defined DevOps Best Practices

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Opsani closed 2019 as the industry leader in AI-powered, Continuous Optimization for cloud applications and their environments. Continuous Optimization (CO) deploys a neural network for cloud applications and infrastructure and uses AI to automatically adjusts trillions of runtime parameter combinations for the most efficient responses to code updates and traffic.

Building on the proven continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD) toolset that savvy companies use to automate the DevOps process, Opsani in 2019 pioneered the concept of automating CO as a new best practice for the post-release portion of the delivery pipeline.

If not managed continuously, costs climb due to over provisioning and lack of visibility into how live applications are affected by the CI/CD toolchain. Even small changes to code disrupt tuned applications. Yet cloud services companies are still not taking advantage of AI to optimize their applications, leading to sub-par user experiences and expensive monthly bills.

Gartner predicts that by 2022, cloud spend will reach more than $330 billion. Current estimates reveal that billions of this is needless and wasted outlay. Opsani automatically tunes live apps far better than humans, improving performance, saving organizations millions, and freeing DevOps teams to focus on revenue-generating pursuits. Last year this caught the attention of Fortune-level services providers as well as investors.

2019 highlights include:

  • Closed a $10 million Series A funding round
  • Doubled in company size
  • Tapped a combined 323 years of engineering talent experience
  • Appeared on CNBC's 2019 Upstart 100 List
  • Grew customer base by 200 percent
  • Saved customers an average of 56 percent on their cloud bills, while boosting application performance by as much as 78 percent
  • Improved Ancestry's stack performance as it moved its customers from a data center to the cloud

 "Cloud operations are the nimblest way to do business. Being able to scale for user traffic and initiate new services on the fly suits the needs of modern companies better than cap- and opex-heavy datacenters." said Ross Schibler, Co-founder and CEO, Opsani. "Cloud costs quickly spiral out of control if the last leg of the DevOps process—where apps go live—isn't continuously tuned as code changes and traffic patterns dictate. 2019 was a massive year for Opsani; we proved our model, got the backing of A-list venture partners, and continued to execute our go to market plan with name-brand cloud services."

About Opsani
Opsani is the leading provider of AI-driven Continuous Optimization for cloud applications.



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