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OPTEC International Signs Exclusive UVC-LED Disinfecting Light Distribution Agreement for California

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CARLSBAD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 29, 2020 / OPTEC International, Inc., (OTC PINK:OPTI) today announced the company has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for a new line of Far UVC LED Disinfecting lighting products for distribution in California. The company will have the opportunity to expand the agreement to additional states and regions as the demand intensifies. The company is currently in discussion with several retail chains for the sale of the new PPE products.

The current personal use protection products (PPE) for immediate distribution include a series of UVC LED high quality brushed aluminum wands for sterilization and disinfection of bacteria and a wide range of viruses in a matter of seconds on cellphones, keyboards, Gas Pumps, ATM's, Casino slot machines, Vehicle steering wheels, Infant Toys, Face Masks and a multitude of other applications without the use of toxic chemicals such as bleach and Ozone. The UVC LED rays can scan an entire area of room in a single treatment whereas current wiping and spray solutions only penetrate the actual targeted areas.

The company will be releasing the commercial Far UVC LED lighting solution in June for use in business, medical, schools, transportation, hospitality and many more applications for complete non-chemical sanitization and disinfection uses. OPTEC already has previous distribution contracts in place with LED lighting manufacturers who are using the proprietary lens projection technology in the new commercial Far UVC LED products making them more effective in coverage than current products on the market.

OPTEC is launching a new website in the coming weeks specifically dedicated to the UVC LED Light disinfecting, Sanitization and precautionary related safety products that will be distributed by the company.

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