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Optigenex and Life Science Institute Extend International Licensing of AC-11(R) for Use in healthycell(R) Nutritional Supplements

HOBOKEN, NJ and MONTCLAIR, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2016 / Optigenex Inc. (Hoboken, NJ) (OPGX) and Life Science Institute, Inc. (Montclair, NJ)-- announced today that it will extend further international licensing rights to Life Science Institute, LLC of ac-11(R), its patented, natural rainforest DNA repair extract for inclusion in healthycell(R) dietary nutritional and age management supplements.

Under the terms of the parties' new alliance, Life Science Institute will reach out to new markets with its healthycell(R) line of advanced dietary nutrition supplements and will increase focus on clinical research in further support of safety, bioavailability and efficacy of ac-11 supplements.

ac-11(R) is a unique proprietary ingredient that has been shown in studies to assist the body's natural ability to repair damaged DNA. Life Science Institute will now enjoy rights to promote its products containing ac-11(R) worldwide, except in Japan and Turkey, with exclusivity in certain product categories.

"Our company's association with Life Science Institute and the healthycell(R) brand has been special," commented Daniel Zwiren, President and CEO of Optigenex Inc., "Finding a way to strengthen our interactions through this close distribution and research partnership has been a priority goal at Optigenex. I am delighted with the increased global exposure of the ac-11(R) brand and our unique message of DNA repair that we intend to achieve together with healthycell(R)."

Douglas Giampapa, CEO of Life Science Institute commented, "ac-11(R) is a natural ingredient backed by science that strongly supports its potency delivered in supplement form. Our partnership with Optigenex builds on their intense focus on research and clinical studies supporting ac-11(R) -- over 17 years of research, 40 published scientific papers, and 10 U.S. patents for a single natural extract. We will further Optigenex's commitment to science-driven findings with our own independent research studies in 2016 for healthycell(R) branded products containing ac-11(R)."

Optigenex Inc.

Optigenex is a provider of proprietary next generation dietary supplements, skin care products and bulk ingredients featuring ac-11(R) as its core platform technology. ac-11(R) (formerly known as C-MED-100(R)) is a patented, bioactive and water soluble rainforest ingredient derived from the medicinal herb Uncaria tomentosa. For more information about Optigenex, please visit: www.ac-11.com.

Life Science Institute, LLC

Life Science Institute is a New Jersey based company dedicated to cellular health that formulates and distributes multi-nutrient dietary supplement products. Its core philosophy is making sure its nutrition supplement products contain only the highest quality independently screened ingredients and scientifically proven effect. The healthycell(R) line of products empowers health-conscious people to optimize their health to enjoy more productive lives. All life is made of cells…every organ, every tissue. The mission of healthycell(R) is to maintain the health of these cellular building blocks so the body stays healthy and ages optimally. For more information about Life Science Institute or the healthycell(R) brand, please contact the company at (973)-200-6193 or visit www.healthycell.com.


Optigenex, Inc.
Dan Zwiren,
President & CEO

Life Science Institute, LLC
Douglas Giampapa


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SOURCE: Optigenex, Inc.