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OptimumBank – poised for the future - A local community bank open for business

Fort Lauderdale, FL., July 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For many years, OptimumBank and OptimumBank Holdings Company (OPHC) had been facing regulatory issues resulting from historic problems associated with The Great Recession of 2007 and the Housing Market Crash. These issues needed more than temporary fiscal bandages. Federal regulators issued capital directives aimed at underperforming community banks and many other small banks. By 2015, many such local banks had vanished due to failure or to consolidation in the industry.

Over time, OptimumBank has restructured its management team and Board of Directors composition with the intent to create a strategic business plan. These efforts were not just to satisfy the Federal regulators but to initiate a long-term plan to increase the Bank’s financial size and revamp itself into a strong, vibrant, customer centric institution focused on stability and long-term growth.

Currently free from enforcement orders, we are embarking on a tremendous concerted effort to create a noteworthy, formidable local banking establishment. OptimumBank is now considered a healthy bank institution. Based on a solid footing and tested to withstand one of the most severe potential financial crises ever to hit our industry, management and the Board of Directors have reset the foundation of the bank for future growth and profitability. The plan encompasses a variety of new business development activities and a renewed focus on the following strategic initiatives:

  • Attract local deposits and reduce reliance on alternative funding sources
  • Increase loan portfolio by approximately 30% per year
  • Revisit branch strategy and structure
  • Explore non-interest income opportunities
  • Expand online banking capabilities

We are proud of the efforts of all involved, the ensuing results and are poised to establish ourselves as a premiere South Florida banking entity.

Any inquiries and comments are welcome and can be directed to:

Investor Relations
OptimumBank Holdings. Inc

Thank you,
The Board of Directors
OptimumBank Holding Corporation
OptimumBank Corp

David L. Edgar, CPA
Senior Vice President and Controller
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