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OptiToken Seeks To Build On “Distributed Value” to Create the Perfect Cryptocurrency

ZUG, Switzerland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--

OptiToken.io to launch first-ever “hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency” symbol $OPTI with goal of creating a payment medium that helps avoid the volatility attributed to cryptocurrencies while also maintaining continuous and natural upward pressure on price.

To do this, the project incorporates what is termed “trading cycles.” These consist of completing trades at a profit amongst a basket of tokens, a group of carefully and strategically selected cryptocurrencies that will be bought by the token sale event scheduled for early 2018. When a profit is created, the proceeds are used to buy OptiToken directly on each exchange where $OPTI is available. This first step induces upward price pressure and adds volume to the OPTI markets. The team refers to this as “incubating” or “nurturing” demand. To protect against those tokens re-entering the market as potential sell-pressure, the bulk of the tokens – a fixed percentage - are purposefully sent to an un-spendable address. This means the tokens will be lost forever but still viewable on any Ethereum block explorer. The remaining small amount, only a few percentage points of each cycle, is sent proportionally to token holders supporting the OptiToken technical infrastructure.

Let’s break it down even more. In this view, trading cycles can only be sustained by creating profits from the company’s investment and trading activity. How can the project ensure that these cycles create a profit more often than a loss? To do this the trading will be watched over and managed by three successful professional traders, who have years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. To date, the test portfolio has outpaced Bitcoin by nearly 100%, and all progress can be tracked at https://OptiToken.io. Soon the project will display more real-time data on homepage via API from the main corporate exchange account on Bitfinex.

The project seeks to incorporate machine learning and smart-contracting to enhance the project’s potential growth even further. You can whitelist for the pre-ICO and ICO now and learn more about the project at https://OptiToken.io or follow on Twitter @OptiToken. The project is not available to U.S. or Chinese citizens. In the future this may change if supporting regulation allows.

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