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By Order of US Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of North Carolina Case # 16-05364-5 Global Sealed Bid Auction of Smoke Gun Patent and Other Patents Bid Submission Deadline - November 15, 2019

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks has been approved by the Bankruptcy Court to conduct an auction of the Smoke Gun Patent and other Intellectual Property of MSI Delivery Systems.

The primary application of the technology protected by the patents would be as a Tactical Tool for Law Enforcement and Military Applications particularly in Crowd Control / Crowd Dispersion / Riot Control Situations / Military Tactical Situations.

Click here to View Video Demonstration of the Smoke Gun in Action

Likely Users of the Products Covered by These Patents:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies Around the World
  • Military Forces Around the World Military
  • The US Department of Defense and Similar Agencies Around the World
  • Special Operations Branches Around the World
  • Border Control Forces Around the World
  • Movie Special Effects / Performance Special Effects, etc.

Prototypes are available for inspection (by appointment only) of the Standalone Device, Backpack Unit and Robot Unit

For more info:  https://www.hgpauction.com/auctions/101021/msi-delivery-systems/

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Heritage Global Inc. (HGBL)(HGP.CN) is a value-driven, innovative leader in corporate and financial asset liquidation transactions, valuations and advisory services. Heritage Global focuses on identifying, valuing, acquiring and monetizing underlying tangible and intangible assets in twenty-eight global manufacturing and technology sectors. Heritage Global acts as an adviser, as well as a principal, acquiring or brokering turnkey manufacturing facilities, surplus industrial machinery and equipment, industrial inventories, accounts receivable portfolios, intellectual property, and entire business enterprises.

About Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks

Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks is the Intellectual Property Division of Heritage Global Inc. and provides a platform for corporations to monetize:

  • Patents no longer part of strategic corporate objectives
  • Patents which have never been commercialized and for which there are no plans to use
  • Orphan Patents acquired in mergers and acquisitions that are non-core and not needed
  • Unwanted patents representing ongoing cost but whose market value declines with every year of non-use


Doug Berman, Director
Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks


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