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An Ordinary Woman With An Extraordinary Journey: Meet Dr. Huma Qamar

·8 mins read

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2020 / Dr. Huma Qamar is an American Pakistani born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan (originally from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). With a multi-faceted personality and a passion for inspiring others to achieve something higher, Dr. Qamar moved to the United States in pursuit of chasing her dreams and ambition. She is currently a physician, clinical researcher, public speaker, anchor, public health and health policy analyst, media personality, writer, certified medical interpreter, and Mrs. Pakistan USA, 2019- 2nd runner up.

Dr. Qamar's journey has been truly motivational. Despite having arrived in the United States just a few years back with only 100 hundred dollars in her pocket, her courage to take risks, desire to keep growing, and her confidence in her abilities has helped her stand out in the crowd.

Dr. Qamar strongly believes that one should always dream. In fact, she considers dreams to be a hidden message of the universe that works like a staircase, leading you to achieve your goals.

Like many other immigrants, Dr. Qamar knew that the United States is the land of opportunities and this was the place where she could achieve her dreams through hard work and perseverance. She says: "I had a strong belief that no matter what your ethnicity, race, religion or country of origin is- America is the land where I can exercise my freedom and independence as I truly believed women are the architects of the fate of the nation".

Being the eldest child of a single parent, she always had the additional responsibility of supporting and helping her family. After her graduation from medical school, she secured a wonderful clinical research opportunity from Yale University, which allowed her professional career to take off.

Dr. Qamar believes that hard work is a check that can be cashed anywhere. Her road was not a smooth sail. When she initially moved to the United States, she had to work 5 times harder to make up for her background as an immigrant and foreign medical graduate in the healthcare field. However, through consistency and determination, she made strong waves in the scientific community by incorporating her passion for public health, clinical research, and medicine. As such, she has done exemplary work for the immigrant and under-privileged communities in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Dr. Qamar has worked in the clinical research field for some of the most renowned Ivy League institutions such as Yale, Harvard and University of Pennsylvania. She has served in key roles in major hospitals such as Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and Fox Chase Cancer Center. Furthermore, she has also held various leadership positions in the past few years including roles as the Director of Physician Research Programs, National Public Health Physician, National Medical Science Liaison, Senior Business Manager, and Lead Post-doctoral research fellow.

Throughout the challenges faced in her career, Dr. Qamar has always maintained a positive mindset, which has allowed her to rise up in her career. As she states, "I focus on the current resources and try to utilize them smartly. I have always "believed in myself" and set clear goals and remain persistent in achieving them. My greatest strength is maintaining collaborative relationships as I possess the highest degree of emotional intelligence to connect with people".

Dr. Qamar is currently the Director of Investigator Sponsored Research Unit (ISRU) at National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Comprehensive Cancer Center- Fox Chase Cancer Center, where she oversees novel Oncology Clinical Trials.

Dr. Qamar explains, "This unit is one of the unique departments in the entire USA that is dedicated to further science from a scientific concept to providing the best treatment options to cancer patients nationally and internationally. Additionally, I am honored to be part of Fox Chase Cancer Center which was the first comprehensive cancer hospital in the USA and the 1960 discovery of the Philadelphia chromosome, the first genetic abnormality associated with a human cancer, by David Hungerford was also at Fox Chase Cancer Center". Dr. Qamar has a passion for clinical research and she advocates that clinical medicine and research are directly proportional to each other. She believes that the biggest challenge especially for clinicians who step in the research and development side is to know about the rules and regulations and drug development process of FDA. She quotes: "Clinical research is an ever changing landscape and the scientific discoveries and novel research/clinical trials are happening at a very fast pace. To learn about the US health policies, laws and Federal regulations take a lot of time and effort as one has to comprehend how a brilliant concept created in the small lab goes to the drug manufacturer and ultimately physicians utilize those medicines for curing chronic ailments via clinical studies. Change is the only constant thing in the world and keeping upto date with new discoveries and regulations is the key to move forward."

Dr. Qamar had that perfect "outside the box" thinking mindframe. She says: "The pillar of any success is a sound mindset. Mindset is the primary source of personal motivation". For Dr. Qamar, leadership and strategic mindset was the foundation of her aspiring career and she believes that persistence and determination are the keys to success in starting anything new in your life. She says "I have a strong mindset that influences me to think "everything is possible" , "just be passionate about your dreams" , "connect with the right people". For others looking for motivation, Dr. Qamar encourages you to take 100% accountability, be optimistic, learn from your failures, be kind, be a risk-taker, and always have plan A,B,C,D,E,F ...

Dr. Qamar is extremely compassionate and mentors multiple foreign medical graduates. She says "My advice for the newcomers, especially the Foreign Medical Graduates (MDs), is to think outside the box and see prospectively how the scientific/clinical research industry will look like in the next 5-7 years.The medicine studied in books has a limited scope, as earning clinical experience will give them a boost in their career advancement. It is also important that young physicians learn about the principles of population health, health economics, patient centered outcomes and advancements in clinical research especially the field of Oncology."

She believes that the only thing we truly have to fear is fear itself. As she states, "I have overcome many fears in my life as a woman through courage, faith in God, confidence and by fighting the negativity around me. I think the remedy to treat Fear is not to be afraid but gathering your strength to conquer that fear. Remember... The key to positive change is to let go of that fear!"

Furthermore, when we asked her about how she defines success, Dr. Qamar stated, "To me, success is the end product of many failures, disappointments, persistency, and consistency. Being original and being determined leads to the path of success. I believe that success doesn't come overnight, you burn the midnight oil over the years as opportunities don't happen as such- we create them. Hard work is a check that can be cashed anywhere. Success comes to those who strive for it. To me not failure but low aim is a crime."

Dr. Qamar has always believed in "originality". She has been a trend-setter rather than a trend-follower. In terms of her Leadership style: she says "I have self-confidence and leadership skills that clearly differentiate me from the rest of the crowd. I am a visionary thinker who focuses on developing others. I support my peers, colleagues,mentees, family and friends by being part of their self development. Being optimistic, compassionate, strategic planner and an effective communicator has helped me build many scientific programs from scratch successfully".

Dr. Qamar is an entrepreneur who is always advocating for women empowerment and financial freedom. As she shares, "In today's world- it is important to ask why financial freedom is important especially for women. Economic security is not necessarily tied to your job, however, it is the power of someone to create that model to produce wealth via learning and thinking to create and adapt new financial trends. I strongly believe one should always have the ability and power to generate finances. So it is not about the money; it is the capability and skill to generate wealth. Having that "why" you want to be free and wealthy is vital." Dr. Qamar has definitely set that bar high for all the immigrants who come to the USA in search of new opportunities. Her drive to be a community leader and giving back has definitely helped her stand out from masses. Dr. Qamar believes that "What you put in is what you get out".

To learn more about Dr. Qamar, click here.

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