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Oregon's New $68-Million Football Facility Is Like Nothing We've Ever Seen In College Sports

Tony Manfred

Oregon football moved into its new, state-of-the-art, Phil Knight-funded facility this week.

It cost a reported $68 million to build, and the sheer extravagance of the 145,000 square-foot building sets a new standard for college football facilities across the country.

The notable features (photo gallery below):

  • The lobby has 64 55-inch televisions that can combine to project a single image.

  • The floor of the weight room is Brazilian hardwood.

  • There are custom foosball tables where one team is Oregon and the other team has 11 players, with each player representing a different Pac-12 team.

  • The players' lounge has six gaming stations.

  • There's a skybridge with an art installation of ducks. Each duck has the name of an Oregon player drafted by the NFL.

  • A "war room" with six 80-inch TVs.

  • A two-story meeting room with a window that overlooks Autzen Stadium.

  • A hydrotherapy tub in the coaches' locker room.

  • TVs are embedded in the mirrors of the coaches locker room.

  • A bonkers cafeteria with the words "EAT YOUR ENEMIES" in neon lights.

It's like something the Dallas Cowboys would have.

Facilities are a big-time recruiting tool. While it's nice to have fancy facilities, the real reason Oregon spent so much on this is to blow away 17 and 18-year-old kids who come to visit.

We saw Alabama ramp up their facilities with a $9 million renovation earlier this year. But nothing can touch this Oregon building.

GoDucks.com has a photo tour of it:


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