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Organization-less Wind and Rain upset for a spot in 2017 Summer European Challenger Series

Wind and Rain’s final win over Tricked Esports (UK Masters)

Wind and Rain earned a spot in the the EU Challenger Series Qualifier by winning the Ragnarök Nordic League of Legends league. After placing first in Group A, defeating the favored Red Bulls, Wind and Rain 3-0’d Danish team Tricked Esports, previous Ragnarök winners, to qualify for the 2017 Summer European Challenger Series.

Previously PAM Esports, participants of the Spanish LVP Segunda (secondary league to the main Liga de Videojuegos Profesional), the team made a roster change that qualified them to play in the Nordic league. PAM became “Polite and Mature” and won Ragnarök. They then changed their name to Wind and Rain.

The team’s roster includes Dutch top laner, Danny “Dan Dan” Le Comte, Croatian jungler Nikola “Xani” Zrinjski, Austrian mid laner Marcel “SRH” Wiederhofe, Spanish ADC Alejandro “Darkside” Oyonate, and Norwegian support August “Quixeth” Skarsfjord. According to AD carry Darkside, WAR hadn’t originally planned to play CSQ, but the organization interested in buying the spot backed out last minute.

Though Wind and Rain lack full organizational backing, they have a coaching staff of two. Alex “Kazehaya” Hrist, also the team’s manager, and Johan “LeeJoHo” L. Olsen share the role of Head Coach.

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