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How to Organize Your Closet By Season

Alison Kero



As the weather begins to turn to cooler temperatures, we start pulling out our warmer weather wardrobes. There is always a sense of excitement in that act: remembering what we actually own and adding a few new pieces to the mix. Of course, this time of year, we experience one day that’s freezing and another that feels like summer again.

Not many of us have a ton of extra space to work with, so it can be difficult to navigate through the transition of a new season arriving without feeling like everything we own needs to be out and available to us. This transition can be handled easily if you have an organizational plan to work with. Here are a few different options that will allow you to successfully transition your closet. Choose which way works best for you.

How to Organize Your Closet By Season

1. Take it one section at a time.

It’s important to schedule time to go through your clothing. Luckily, organizing is an ongoing project, so you don’t have to think of it in terms of all or nothing. If you only have an hour here or there, sort through like items, such as just sweaters, during the time you have. Pick another item and time and continue until you’ve finished your closet. Scheduling the time is important to help ensure you actually do it.

2. Do it all at once.

You can also pick a day where you plan on tackling the whole project. Plan on setting aside four to six hours to go through your closet. This is completely doable for people who have the time and energy.

The first step is to take everything out of your closet to identify whether or not you want to keep it. Purge as you sort through them and donate items that don’t fit, you don’t like or you haven’t worn in over a year. Overly worn or stained items should be thrown out. Do not keep items out of guilt. It’s OK to donate gifts you don’t love because then someone who does love it will find it.

3. Group like items.

Place items that are similar (think sweaters, cardigans, etc.) near one another in your closet so you can easily find what you’re looking for throughout the season. Depending upon the amount of space and set up of your closet, you may also choose to keep work and play items separate from one another in addition to placing like items next to one another. For additional closet space, choose to use matching hangers that work for your needs. If you use hangers of varying sizes, they can use up additional space where clothing could be hanging.

4. Increase visibility.

Use clear containers for storage so you can see what you’re storing. You can also label the storage bins for a quick find. Keep like items in the bins you have so if you do need to find something quickly, you can.  It will also make transitioning back in the spring a quicker and easier process. If you have a ton of stuff to store and really limited space, you can try those vacuum bags for storage and simply keep a file of what items are in which bag.

Make sure that the pieces you choose to store away are items you do not plan on needing or wearing until spring (unless you go on vacation). Keep pieces you like to wear year round out so you can easily grab them whenever you choose. Be aware that often in the middle of organizing, you’ll see what looks like clutter everywhere and it can make you feel overwhelmed and exhausted and you’ll feel like you want to quit. Try placing the donation items in plastic bags and removing them from that space, put on some music to help keep you motivated and just keep going! The end result will make you feel amazing.

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