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New Orleans Law Firms File Motions to Preserve Evidence and Enroll Additional Counsel of Record for Hard Rock Hotel Incident Lawsuit

The legal team of Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, Delise & Hall, and Leger & Shaw files motion for non-destruction and preservation of evidence and documents relating to the incident that occurred at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site AND motion to enroll Walter Leger, Jr. and Frank Shaw of the Law Firm Leger & Shaw.

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys filed a motion for non-destruction and preservation of all evidence relating to the incident that occurred at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site at 1031 Canal Street in the city of New Orleans, parish of Orleans on 12 October 2019 with the Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, state of Louisiana. The order Elias Membreno, ET AL., NO. 19-10819, was placed on behalf of Elias Membreno, Ronal Enrique, Borjas Rodas, and Mariano Bonilla.

Mike Brandner, ESQ. shared the following remarks about why the motion of evidence was placed today:

"Our legal team filed for the motion as a means to help preserve any evidence and documentation that could be used in the investigation of the incident that led to the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel construction site. Ultimately, we want to help ensure that the most accurate data and facts can be discovered."

In addition to the above motion, Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys and Delise & Shaw filed a motion to enroll the Law Firm of Leger & Shaw and attorneys Walter Leger, Jr. and Frank Shaw. Mr. Brandner provided the following remarks about the addition:

"It is our goal to prevent this type of incident from happening again and to bring together the greatest legal minds onto the team to represent the injured workers, which is why Walter Leger, Jr. and Frank Shaw have joined our legal team."

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