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Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. Leads the Pack With Strength, Balance and Integrity

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Feb 15, 2016) - Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. continues to set the bar high in the event marketing field topping the charts at number one in the nation seven months in a row. Founder and Director of Operations Joey Ortiz and his rapidly expanding organization aim to make 2016 another year for the record books.

Joey Ortiz, originally from Oakland, California, is a former United States Marine. After spending four years as an active duty Marine, he then joined the National Guard and served for another three years. Upon completion of his seventh year, Joey set his sights on a new endeavor and became an entrepreneur. In June of 2014, Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. opened its doors and acquired their first Fortune 500 client.

The promotional marketing firm is committed to capitalizing their clients' reach by expanding the regions touched by each campaign. In 2015, Joey aided in the expansion first to Ulysses Johnson III into Kansas City, Missouri. Ulysses is a former collegiate football player at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Furthering the reach of Ortiz Enterprises, Inc., in December of 2015, Damar Hill opened a location in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Damar also graduated from UCCS with his bachelor's degree in psychology. He too, was a collegiate athlete, excelling at basketball. "Both of these men changed the game in their regions. Our clients had never been able to reach the target market in those cities, so it was definitely a huge accomplishment on both sides of the court," says Joey.

Because of the outstanding achievements reached by Joey, Ortiz Enterprises, Inc.'s clients awarded him with an Achievement Award and the Rookie Manager of the Year Award in Orange County, California during an organizational convention in December. Months later, he was invited to a national 'meeting of the minds' hosted in Las Vegas and was awarded with an all-expense-paid trip to Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco.

Moving into the end of the first quarter of the new year, Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. and its team of managers shift their focus to the development of new talent in order to keep momentum. "The name of the game is expansion." Joey explains, "We have to continue to attract and develop competitive, team-oriented individuals with leadership qualities. We are looking for the future of the business, and that begins today."

By year's end, Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. is projected to have 20 total locations spanning across the nation, beginning with the North West region. That rapid expansion will ensure the organization is recognized as one of the fastest growing teams in the nation.

When asked how his management team plans to bring these projections to life, Ortiz responds with, "It all begins with leading by example. I plan to spend my time working with these men and women on an individual basis and discovering what motivates them. That is one of the most important lessons that I learned in the military. You must lead by example."

The future is promising for Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. and opportunities to join this rapidly expanding team are now available. For more information, contact HR directly.