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Oumua to Launch the First AI-Enabled Smart Breathing Trainer

Oumua Inc will launch the two versions of its breathing exercising device: Oumua Pro featuring 6 resistance modes for inspiratory and expiratory muscle training, and Oumua AI, that adds smartphone connectivity, app-tracked progress, and AI-powered exercising guidance depending on the users performance and goals - from general well-being, to rehabilitation and athletic improvement

HERMOSA BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2021 / Oumua will launch the two versions of its smart breathing trainer, Oumua Pro and Oumua AI, on the 21-st of September, 2021, within the course of a 40 days Kickstarter campaign.

Oumua Pro is the first smart breathing trainer featuring 2 separate airflows to exercise inhalation and exhalation movements separately, and 6 resistance modes to match any goal - from rehabilitation, to general well-being, to athletic improvement. The Oumua AI adds in-app connectivity, live progress tracking, and AI-driven guidance system to tailor the training routine, reach the exercising goals faster, and avoid common mistakes.

"Breathing muscles develop like any other muscle group: providing additional resistance increases their endurance. They respond to training by becoming stronger, faster, and more efficient. Inspiratory and expiratory resistance training increases vital lung capacity, boosts endurance and anaerobic threshold, improves athletic performance, strengthens respiratory system, allows to rehabilitate faster after respiratory infections, and prevents manifestation of several diseases like asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis - these are the science facts that have been proven multiple times within large-scale long-term studies". - says Vitt Kurdik, product owner at Oumua.

"The few issues that remained unsolved - how to personalize user experience, objectively track the progress, minimize the learning phase, and avoid novice mistakes. All in all - how to incorporate breathing exercises into the daily routine so that people are motivated and engaged enough to continue for at least few weeks until they feel the positive change. We have reviewed the best practices and embodied them in a state of the art exterior to make breathing exercises available for users with any skill level, anywhere, at any time.

Oumua helps to avoid common exercising mistakes and respiratory imbalances, tracks progress with Oumua app, and generates AI-driven suggestions to improve the effectiveness of each session, while offering an increasingly challenging and engaging training experience for both novices, experienced athletes, and breathing yoga gurus".

Oumua is a discrete and stylish accessory that looks nothing like any IMT/EMT device on the market - hand-held (no extra-salivation, no weird looks, no stiff lower jaw), with more than 30 premium soft touch finishes, eco leather cases, laser engraving and wireless charger options, it combines the perfectly balanced user experience with the stunning space-inspired aesthetics. A breathing (training) perfection - at your fingertips.

Oumua will launch the Kickstarter campaign on the 21-st of September, 2021. The pre-order list of the project now includes over 10,000 confirmed reservations.


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