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Outside of a Roy Moore rally, the father of a gay daughter lost to suicide speaks up

Keith Wagstaff

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore once said he thinks "homosexual conduct should be illegal." He's also said plenty of other racist and intolerant things — along with being accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls. 

Well, one man wasn't going to take it. Nathan Mathis, an Alabama farmer who lost his gay daughter to suicide, stood outside of Roy Moore's rally on Monday night, and spoke out against the candidate's homophobic comments. 

Here's the video, from Vaughn Hillyard of NBC News:

"Somebody needs to speak up," he said, holding a picture of his deceased daughter, Patti. 

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"I was anti-gay myself. I said bad things to my daughter myself, which I regret. I can't take back what happened to my daughter."

Mathis wrote a letter about his daughter to his local newspaper, The Dothan Eagle, back in 2012

He then implored readers to have compassion. 

Alabama residents choose between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones on Dec. 12. 

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