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Owl Insights Selected as Preferred Measurement-based Care Platform for American Psychiatric Association's PsychPRO Mental Health Registry

Owl Collaborators to Present on How Platform Can Help Providers Meet Joint Commission Measurement-based Care Mandate on May 20 at APA Annual Meeting in San Francisco

PORTLAND, Ore., May 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Owl Insights Inc., a cloud solution for measurement-based behavioral care (MBC), today announced that it has been selected by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) as a patient reported outcomes measures (PROM) preferred platform for the PsychPRO national mental health patient registry. Owl Insights and the APA will showcase the platform during the APA Annual Meeting, May 18-20 in San Francisco, in the exhibit hall and in a May 20 presentation that explains how innovative technologies, such as Owl Insight's platform the Owl, are being used to meet The Joint Commission (TJC) MBC mandate.

"Being selected as a preferred platform for APA's patient registry is an honor and huge validation of the work the Owl Insights team has done to bring measurement-based care to leading health systems across the U.S.," said Corey Fagan, PhD, co-founder and chief clinical officer for Owl Insights. "It's my pleasure to present with my psychiatric colleagues on how our software platform can help address TJC's MBC mandate."

A cloud-based platform that integrates with electronic medical records (EMRs), the Owl enables providers to easily screen patients for behavioral health status, track progress and monitor treatment progress using evidence-based PROMs for enhanced clinical confidence. This  approach is designed to improve outcomes for adult, child and adolescent patient populations.

"Our nation is facing a behavioral health crisis. Owl Insights envisions a world where we can close the gap between the growing demand for services and a short supply of mental health professionals by leveraging patient-reported data to monitor treatment progress and inform care decisions," said Eric Meier, CEO of Owl Insights. "Owl provides the evidence-based platform that can be scaled to harness behavioral health data across the healthcare ecosystem of both providers and payers to improve outcomes and control costs."

Preferred Platform for PsychPRO
Citing its ease of use, the APA is recommending the use of the Owl platform as part of the PsychPRO national mental health registry, a tool that captures data to help psychiatrists and behavioral health providers make optimal patient care decisions, support further research and develop new measurements of quality. The PsychPRO patient registry is a multiyear Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)-qualified clinical data registry sponsored by the APA and made available to all behavioral health providers in the U.S. 

Patient reported outcomes collected by the Owl platform are designed to improve patient engagement, document clinical effectiveness and support quality reporting required by the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

"We are pleased to work with Owl Insights on the PsychPRO patient registry. PsychPRO is an essential data source with which we can validate quality of patient care and support financial bonuses for meeting quality reporting requirements," said APA CFO David Keen and program lead for the PsychPRO Registry. "We are impressed with the Owl for its ease of use and its ability to minimize the burden of collecting critical patient reported outcomes." 

Applying Technology to Meet TJC Mandates
Several leading healthcare organizations – such as Oregon Health & Science University, Inova Health System, Carilion Clinic and Centerstone of America – have already implemented the Owl for MBC initiatives. During the upcoming APA Annual Meeting, Owl Insights and its collaborators will share how clinicians can leverage the Owl platform to address TJC mandates.

Scheduled for Monday, May 20, from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. PDT, the presentation – Disrupting the Status Quo: Harnessing Innovative Technology to Meet the Revised Joint Commission Measurement-Based Care Mandate – will feature Dr. Fagan along with Whitney E. Black, MD, a psychiatrist at Oregon Health & Science University; Rick Leichtweis, PhD, senior director at the Inova Kellar Center; and Sonia Thomas, MD, medical director for the Inova Health System.

Panelists will discuss the revised TJC MBC standard, and how to address it with process improvements and technology.

"Decades of research has shown that MBC – or the systematic use of patient-reported data to monitor treatment progress and inform care decisions – can improve clinical outcomes," said Dr. Black. "Now this approach may be implemented through the use of novel software technology, such as the Owl, to enable providers to meet the revised TJC MBC requirements."

To learn more about the Owl platform, visit the PsychPRO registry at the APA "Central Booth" during the APA Annual Meeting or contact Owl Insights at 1-800-910-6769.

About Owl Insights
Owl Insights ("the Owl") is a venture-backed measurement-based care cloud solution that has been implemented across 25 leading health systems nationwide. The Owl enables providers to simplify and scale measurement-based care for better clinical and financial outcomes. For more information, visit www.owlinsights.com.



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