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OYO NOVA GYM Shatters Records Raising $4.4M on Kickstarter, Transitions to Indiegogo's InDemand

OYO NOVA, the gym that fits in your hands is the highest funded fitness product in crowdfunding history.

KANSAS CITY, Mo., June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The OYO NOVA Gym continued to shatter records, and ended its 51 day Kickstarter campaign as the highest funded crowdfunded fitness product ever. Of the over 480,000 projects to launch on Kickstarter, the NOVA Gym is the 35th most funded. To continue accepting pre-orders, the team has transitioned to Indiegogo's InDemand.

The NOVA Gym uses NASA's SpiraFlex resistance technology to provide up to 40lbs of resistance in each hand, yet only weighs 2.5lbs and folds up to go anywhere. Resistance for total body strength training is provided in all planes of movement. No extra equipment is required to work out chest, back, arms, core or legs. The NOVA Gym also provides resistance to opposing sides of muscle groups with "DoubleFlex" movements, which helps build a balanced body in less time. No other fitness equipment offers this for every muscle group in one device.

"With the new paradigm, folks are seeking solutions to keep fit at home, or on-the-go, and away from the traditional gym setting," said Paul Francis, founder, inventor and CEO of OYO Fitness. "Many are finding that OYO Fitness products, including the NOVA Gym fits their lifestyle and produces real results."

SpiraFlex resistance technology was originally developed by Francis for NASA astronauts to counteract muscle loss in zero gravity during long expeditions on the International Space Station. A NASA 16 week ground study found the SpiraFlex group built as much muscle as the free-weight group. "After six months in space using SpiraFlex technology, I returned stronger than before I left," said former NASA Commander Leroy Chiao, PhD.

"SpiraFlex resistance feels like plate loaded cable machines at the health club," said Nick Bolton, OYO Fitness Director. "The big advantage is that the OYO NOVA Gym provides this resistance in a personal gym to get fit where you are right now!"

The NOVA Gym is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo's InDemand by visiting https://igg.me/at/oyo-nova-gym/x#/.

About OYO Fitness
OYO Fitness founder Paul Francis first developed SpiraFlex resistance technology for the NASA mission critical program to counteract astronaut bone and muscle loss caused by long-term zero gravity. During 10 years, over 50 International Space Station crew members have kept in shape with the SpiraFlex powered iRED invented by Francis. SpiraFlex was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

Next, he licensed SpiraFlex technology to Nautilus Inc. and helped develop the Bowflex Revolution home gym, which is one of the best-selling home gyms of all time.

Francis founded OYO Fitness to develop fitness solutions that can fit anyone's budget and lifestyle. OYO Fitness has become one of the fastest-growing brands in the health and fitness industry, with a deep pipeline of new products.

For more information visit http://www.OYOfitness.com.