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Ozo Innovations Launches Eloclear System to Advance Food Factory Hygiene

OXFORD, England, February 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

New Approach Combines Cleaning and Disinfection for Robust Microbial End Points 

Ozo Innovations (Ozo) makes food factory hygiene more robust and sustainable with the launch of eloclear, a state-of-the-art single step cleaning and disinfection system.

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Ozo supports food industry customers to improve their sustainability credentials, win new business and gain production capacity by reducing time spent undertaking hygiene, whilst improving deep cleaning and disinfection standards.

Customers make eloclear onsite using Ozo's elosystem which transforms food grade salt and water into a powerful cleaner and biocide. In field trials, the company proved that eloclear delivered greater microbial control and a more consistent disinfection result than traditional hot water, detergents and terminal sanitisers.

On site production of eloclear is monitored and controlled using advanced sensors; secure data recording and 24/7 monitoring. Authorised and authenticated, customers can monitor production using a computer or smart device. Ozo undertakes continuous analysis of customer site data to be able to detect any production issues and to ensure that the eloclear is effective at the point of use.

Rowan Gardner, CEO of Ozo Innovations said: "Our objective was to make effective hygiene simpler to achieve for the food industry. Currently, companies invest significant time and resources deep cleaning food facilities. Switching a hot water based multistep hygiene process for a simple cold eloclear process is measurably more energy and time efficient."

Technical Directors and other interested food industry professionals are invited to register for Ozo's half day seminar, Innovations in Food Factory Hygiene. To find out more, visit the website: https://ozoinnovations.com/

About Ozo Innovations 

Ozo develops and markets electrolysed water solutions for effective cleaning and disinfection, food safety and fresh produce washing. The company works with leading food producers, processors and industry experts to demonstrate and validate the efficacy and efficiency of their electrolysed water systems. Ozo has been supported by a number of Innovate UK grants that have co-funded the initial development of its intellectual property.

Ozo is Article 95 listed for the provision of the relevant active substance under the EU Biocide Product Regulations (BPR).

Ozo's address is Unit 29, Chancerygate Business Centre, Langford Lane, Kidlington OX5 1FQ UK.

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