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S&P 500 1500 level within reach, levels to watch

Had Apple (AAPL) turned in a better report last night, the index would already be well above the psychologically important 1500 level. But, it did not and so 1500 remains close but out of reach. A little back and fill in Apple in particular, given the heavy weight in the index, might help break through resistance at 1500. The issue for the bulls would be how the index advances thereafter with that key stock not performing well. Netflix (NFLX) and Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) have become the new post-earnings upside momentum favorites. We would have to see continued advances in those names and big cap tech like International Business Machines (IBM) along with the Financials for the 1500 level to stick. In market history, conditions where very similar the last two times the 1500 level was breached on the upside. It came after years-long advances, and at a time when key stocks disappointed. While history may not repeat itself, this is an important caution to consider. Support is at 1485.98,