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Pack the Perfect Carry-On

When flying, the average checked baggage fee is about $25 per bag. For a family of four flying roundtrip, that’s easily $200. Skip the sky-high fees by bringing everything you’ll need in a carry-on.

Start with the essentials. Take two to three bottoms and five to seven tops in coordinating colors so you can mix and match to make at least 10 outfits. Check the weather so you can pack appropriately.

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Next, maximize space by folding pants and bottoms at the crease to match the length of your suitcase. Lay them flat on the bottom of the bag.

For tops, either continue folding the clothes as little as possible and laying them flat, or roll them tightly and line them up. Stuff socks and accessories in shoes, and place each shoe in its own bag, spacing them evenly around the suitcase.

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Another tip: wear bulky items like coats, jackets and sweatshirts on the plane. If you do need to pack a blazer, pull the arms inside and fold once. 

If you end up over-packing and can’t get your bag to shut, just run a bar of soap along the zipper for easier closing.

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