You Can Get Paid $60 An Hour To Go On A Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

Photo credit: Twitter / @cadburyuk
Photo credit: Twitter / @cadburyuk

From Delish

For the second year in a row, Cadbury launched the very best kind of egg hunt-one that has money as the prize. The company has hidden over 700 of its coveted white chocolate creme eggs in supermarkets across the UK, according to The Sun, wrapped in normal Creme Egg wrappers. Cadbury has also hidden some of the eggs in various other companies' advertisements, which viewers can snap a picture of and submit online.

If you open a Cadbury egg and it's white chocolate, you must call the phone number on the foil to find out what prize is associated with that egg, according to Cadbury, and keep the wrapper in order to redeem the prize. UK residents could win prizes from 50 pounds to 100, and the largest prize is worth £10,0000. So, needless to say, people mean business about finding these eggs. So much so, in fact, that people are hiring others to hunt for the eggs, if they don't have the time to search themselves.

A local service company,, has a job posting for "Cadbury Creme Egg Hunters." According to the description, "By hiring a professional Creme Egg Hunter you're increasing the likelihood of finding a white egg and winning a prize by widening the search area and frequency of purchases."

Those interested in hiring a "pro Creme Egg Hunter" will be asked specific questions about how they'd like the individual to go about their hunt-such as number of eggs to buy, and which shops they should visit. The website recommends the two parties write up a contract agreeing on the transfer of prizes and terms.

Insider reports that the egg-hunters are expected to earn £45 ($60) an hour, which covers eight boxes of eggs and travel expenses. Sign me up!

If you're interested, you will have to present a photo ID, be subject to a background check, and willing to travel to various supermarkets around the UK.

Ready to add Professional Cadbury Creme Egg Hunter to your resume? You can sign up here. Looking to hire someone? Check out this page.

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