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Palmer Administrative Services Brings The Top-rated Extended Auto Warranties To Benefit Their Clients

Ocean, New Jersey, Dec. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Palmer is not a new name; the company headquartered in New Jersey has more than three successful decades where it stood tall as the best provider for extended auto warranties to its clients in the US. The company remains the most prominent name in the industry. Today Palmer Administrative Services is an industry leader with a massive clientele that now spread in the US as well as in Canada.

What are Extended Auto Warranties?

The car your purchase comes with a manufacturer's or a factory warranty. You do not purchase this auto warranty and gives you auto repair protection for a stipulated time. What happens after the warranty expires? You no longer have a cover to pay for your auto repair bills. If you purchase used vehicle chances are its general warranty has already expired, and you foresee repair expenses that you do not want to pocket yourself. The solution is to go for a service agreement that is the extended auto warranties. It provides the vehicle owner the same auto protection of the general warranty. Still, it extends after the expiry of the original warranty for a specific period according to the service agreement.

A person can get an extended warranty from the car manufacturer at an additional cost. However, a more feasible and popular option is to go to reliable auto warranty providers like Palmer Administrative Services. Unlike the manufacturer who will offer a high cost extended warranty, you can expect many affordable extended auto protection plans with outside companies, where you will also be the top priority of the companies. You will not get the same diversity of extended auto-protection programs, as well as quick and courteous customer services at a factory outlet or with a manufacturer.

Why Palmer Administrative Services?
The industry may bring many companies who offer the extended auto insurance, but none are as committed and client-driven as the Palmer Administrative Services. They have studied the auto repair requirements of people mindfully and have worked three decades to master the extended warranty of a vehicle that offers something to everyone. Today they have a wide range of extended auto coverage to suit the budget and requirements of the clients.

If you are buying a used vehicle, you should make sure to ring Palmer and learn about extended warranty plans. These plans are to secure you against unanticipated car restorations that can dent your budget. Palmer understands how to help people in these hard times when the vehicle breaks down, and the mechanic bills the customer with a hefty amount.

Palmer Administration informs people that it is in their best interest to carry extended covers for their vehicles as unlike the past today, the cars are more complicated. When you own a car, you have an advanced machine with many new automotive technologies. You cannot afford to leave an extended coverage option for all these new technologies. Fixing the car or making a repair is going to cost you a lot, and when you do not hold an extended warranty, you have to settle the bills yourself.

A Vehicle is a Vehicle
Do not fool yourself into thinking your used car is too good to have faults, or a new vehicle will not have breakdowns for years to come. You will be surprised to learn how often people turn up to their mechanics with the fault in both new and used vehicles.

Palmer is there with all types of extended warranty programs to ascertain you will not have to face the burden of settling your car repair bills. For more information, call (800) 599-9557 and connect to customer services representatives at Palmer Administration Services.