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‘Papal Ninja’ Prays His Way to Fastest Time on ‘American Ninja Warrior’

American Ninja Warrior hopeful Sean “The Papal Ninja” Bryan works and lives with a bunch of Catholic monks and priests, which is good for his soul and great for the their glutes. Bryan’s priest said, “He’s pushing us old farts to get on the treadmill, to get on the elliptical, to get us back in shape.”

Bryan took on the Los Angeles course in hopes of advancing to the finals in Las Vegas. Considering it was only his second year entering the competition, he had an uphill battle. But Bryan had a secret weapon on his side — God.

With priests and monks cheering him on, Bryan blazed through the course. He overcame obstacles that took out the most seasoned and famous ninjas. And before ascending the final obstacle — a 35-foot Elevator Climb — he took a long moment to collect his thoughts and pray.

The prayers must have been heard, because Bryan was one of only four ninjas to complete the course, and he did it the faster than anyone.

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