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Parachuter at BYU game runs out of room while attempting to land on field

The pregame parachuters at BYU didn’t exactly have a flawless entry before the Cougars’ game vs. Wisconsin.

While the first parachuter took a little more real estate on the field than he probably expected, the second parachuter completely ran out of room. Take a look.

He thankfully did touch down before hitting the wall. Hopefully that slowed him up a bit.

Oops No. 1.

The third parachuter had a rough landing too. He couldn’t stay on his feet.

Oops No. 2.

BYU is certainly hoping the parachuters aren’t a harbinger of things to come. The Cougars’ offense has been putrid through three games and are more than a two-touchdown underdog to the Badgers.

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