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Parallax Health Management Launches its New FotoDigm(TM) Powered Mobile Applications

Now Available For Download from Apple Store and Google Play Store and Installed with Leading U.S. Hospital System

SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 19, 2018 / Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. ("Parallax" or the "Company") (OTC PINK: PRLX), is an integrated digital healthcare company, focused on connected health technology-enabled, integrated care delivery products and services, on a proprietary platform, that allows for remote communication, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. The Company is pleased to announce today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Parallax Health Management, Inc. ("PHM"), has launched "FOTODIGM™" powered mobile applications as part of its Good Health Outcomes Platform, the patented remote patient care ("RPC") and Telehealth technology platform that provides its clients with a solution to remote care's two biggest challenges; cost and patient adoption.

To download the application visit: www.goodhealthoutcomes.com/good-health-outcomes

"The recipe for remote patient monitoring success extends well beyond strategy and creative applications," stated Nathaniel Bradley, President and Chief Technology Officer of Parallax Health Management, Inc. "Parallax's FOTODIGM powered mobile applications are now available for IoS and Android phones and is a mobile application deployment of its Good Health Outcomes Platform and serves as the first mobile offering to deliver cross-platform and device agnostic secure point of care capture of patients' biometric and health data. FOTODIGM connects with core enterprise systems for the delivery of secure mobile patient data content; manages communications with patients, doctors and hospitals, as well as healthcare professionals. FOTODIGM mobile-enabled applications represent a core data capture and user adoption process used in the measurement, refinement, and interpretation of what is expected to quickly become millions of data points across multiple healthcare channels."

FOTODIGM is founded on an application programming interface ("API") architecture and designed to be compatible with all electronic health record (EHR) systems. Additionally, FOTODIGMhas been developed on architecture that captures data that is processed and presented to Parallax's behavioral augmented intelligence engine now known as the Intrinsic Code, Parallax's proprietary and central mechanism for aggregating and understanding patient behaviors across treatments, therapies and health-related regimens with the purpose of customizing contextual mobile user experiences and providing the information real-time to patients and their authorized caregivers.

The new FOTODIGMmobile application and Parallax's patented Good Health Outcomes platform has been adopted and developed on customized specifications and has been contracted with and will be launched within one of the nations largest hospital groups in April of 2018.

"We are proud of our team and the technologies we've created for Parallax as we begin to win key contracts with leading companies within healthcare. We will be announcing further details as we continue to prove out our technologies and product lines in the marketplace," added Paul Arena Chief Executive Officer of Parallax Health Sciences. "FOTODIGMis built for scale and will guide healthcare enterprise clients through the changing technology landscape while ensuring relevancy in the mobile remote patient monitoring (RPM) market. The connectivity with our Good Health Outcomes platform enables our applications to perform in a manner that is game-changing in our service delivery and at a price point that increases how much Telehealth and Remote Patient Care our customers can now afford to deploy in scale."

Mr. Arena added, "Our market entrance comes at a time when the acceptance by healthcare insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid reimbursements for the procurement of telehealth and remote patient care solutions is increasing. Our pipeline of proprietary technology solutions we control and those we are developing at Parallax include our patented human diagnostics systems, Intrinsic Code behavioral augmented intelligence, our previously announced Blockchain initiative that will provide a secure architecture for our forthcoming digital health data marketplace and an industry first health data currency. These capabilities and features are precisely and specifically designed for our customers and are all capabilities that, with our very talented and proven team, have begun to propel our service and technology offerings well above and apart from all of our competitors' offerings. We will continue to develop and manage our lead in innovative new and comprehensive remote patient care systems with a focus on patient population management and further focal effort on solving for comprehensive remote patient care technologies for the use in chronic disease management to effectuate good health outcomes."

The FOTODIGMMobile Healthcare Platform industry-first combination of features and functions include:

  • Appliance SaaS and Managed Service Models
  • Machine Face Recognition – data capture from any approved device.
  • API/Web Service Architecture
  • Device Detection and Content Rendering
  • Secure Mobile User Authentication
  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile Apps
  • Tracking & Analytics -- Potential access to millions of consumer records for data mining and health industry corroboration while maintaining HIPPA compliance
  • EMR and EHR – Electronic Medical Record Management System Integration
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Location Awareness
  • Sampling
  • Co-Pay Solutions & Reimbursement Solutions
  • Medicine Prescription Compliance Tracking
  • Patent Pending Behavioral Augmented Intelligence – Intrinsic Code
  • HIPAA Compliance

Additionally, the board of directors of the Company has determined that the previously contemplated spin-off of the wholly-owned subsidiary, RoxSan Pharmacy operations is not in the best interests of the shareholders at this time.

Technologies processes and methods discussed herein are protected all or in part by patents and patents pending in the United States and Internationally. US Patents and Applications US9573990,US9588114, US8920725, US9170258, US12/769036, US14/492641, US14/979742, US14/979889, US14/212429, Granted Foreign Assets: CN Z200780039901.X, HK 1137813, IN 279743, MO J001298 and all those but not limited to those patents and trademarks listed at www.goodhealthoutcomes.com/patents

About Parallax Health Sciences, Inc.

Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. ("Parallax" or the "Company") (PRLX), is an integrated digital healthcare company, focused on connected health technology-enabled, integrated care delivery products and services, on a proprietary platform, that allows for remote communication, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. Parallax's novel applications patented interoperable point of care testing platforms, tests and devises, Augmented Reality driven data analytic information systems and a patent-pending patient monitoring platform is designed for the evolving needs of today's healthcare system stakeholders; patients, payers and providers.

The Company is focused on personalized patient healthcare through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Parallax Health Management, Parallax Behavioral Health and Parallax Diagnostics.

Please visit www.parallaxhealthsciences.com, www.parallaxhealthmanagement.com, www.parallaxdiagnostics.com, www.parallaxhealth.net

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