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Paris Hilton Has a Holographic BMW, Because Of Course She Does

Isabel Jones

What’s pink and shiny and reads “heiress” all over? Paris Hilton’s new BMW, of course.

The famed socialite and businesswoman stepped out in L.A. on Wednesday, posing in front of her BMW i8 Roadster with a customized holographic wrap — which is a thing, apparently.

Naturally, Hilton complemented the color scheme of her metallic new ride in a lavender lace dress with a small cutout baring a sliver of her abdomen. The multi-hyphenate paired the dress with a matching cardigan, pale purple handbag, a hot pink dog carrier, her tutu-clad Chihuahua Diamond Baby, and some non-canine diamonds.

BG002/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

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Last month, in a video on her YouTube channel, Hilton “Paris-ized” her car by adding the holographic wrap to it. The Sun estimates that the vehicle in question is worth around $165,000. “If I were a car, this would be me,” she said of her newly-pimped ride, which was inspired by her Burning Man style.