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Paris Jackson Was Mistaken for Homeless Person

Abby West
Senior Editor
Paris Jackson is more grunge than glam. (Photo: RMLA/BACKGRID)

Paris Jackson has been showing off her glam side this year with couture cover turns and red carpet stunners, but her day-to-day style is more grunge. Still, it was more than a little out of line when someone mistook her for a homeless person while she was waiting for a photo shoot to begin.

“One of the first people on set, sitting in the parking lot and this dude comes up to me and says homeless people aren’t allowed in this area,” the 19-year-old shared on Twitter.

She followed that up with a photo (that she later deleted) of her wearing baggy green pants and a T-shirt along with the caption: “I said oh sorry I’m waiting for hair and makeup should i wait elsewhere also why do you assume i’m homeless.”

As much as that little insult got her fans talking, it was the reason for her set visit that got many speculating about what she was doing on a set, since she’s said to be working on an untitled Amazon Studios project directed by Nash Edgerton. Paris cleared things up about what she was doing when she referenced one article that reported it was for the movie writing, “Feature film debut? what? no it was for photos what the f*** where do y’all get all these false details from.”

We get it, Paris. The facts are better straight from you.

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