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Park Electrochemical Corp (PKE) Files 10-K for the Fiscal Year Ended on February 28, 2019

- By insider

Park Electrochemical Corp (PKE) files its latest 10-K with SEC for the fiscal year ended on February 28, 2019. Park Electrochemical Corp develops, manufactures, markets and sells digital and radio frequency microwave printed circuit materials products for the telecommunications and internet infrastructure and high-end computing markets. Park Electrochemical Corp has a market cap of $354.500 million; its shares were traded at around $17.48 with a P/E ratio of 12.86 and P/S ratio of 2.60. The dividend yield of Park Electrochemical Corp stocks is 2.29%.

For the last quarter Park Electrochemical Corp reported a revenue of $16.7 million, compared with the revenue of $80.89 million during the same period a year ago. For the latest fiscal year the company reported a revenue of $51.1 million, a decrease of 54% from the previous year. For the last five years Park Electrochemical Corp had an average revenue decline of 18.7% a year.

The reported diluted earnings per share was $5.57 for the year, an increase of 446.1% from previous year. The Park Electrochemical Corp had a decent operating margin of 14.12%, compared with the operating margin of 6.37% a year before. The 10-year historical median operating margin of Park Electrochemical Corp is 13.77%. The profitability rank of the company is 5 (out of 10).

At the end of the fiscal year, Park Electrochemical Corp has the cash and cash equivalents of $151.6 million, compared with $18.3 million in the previous year. The company had no long term debt. Park Electrochemical Corp has a financial strength rank of 9 (out of 10).

At the current stock price of $17.48, Park Electrochemical Corp is traded at close to its historical median P/S valuation band of $19.32. The P/S ratio of the stock is 2.60, while the historical median P/S ratio is 2.89. The stock gained 11.60% during the past 12 months.

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