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parkken app that Shows Parking for Manhattan Streets Adds Garage Locations and Details!

NEW YORK, March 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Parking in New York City is competitive. There are hundreds of thousands of legally available parking spaces on the streets of Manhattan, but that doesn't mean you will always find that empty space when you want it. To remedy this problem the recently launched parkken street parking app has added a feature that also shows the locations of parking garages and lots. The earliest version of the app from Parallel Spaces Maps, LLC utilized a unique set of map symbols to translate parking rules for every block in Manhattan. Version 1.0 of the parkken app introduced the CAN I PARK HERE? query box to answer specific user queries for legally available on-street parking at any time and place in Manhattan. This version 1.1 adds an onscreen button to turn off or on the locations and contact information of the off-street parking facilities in your area.

The newly added feature is operated fittingly by a dollar bill shaped button on the lower left of the screen.

If you are in need of off street parking tap the button to turn on the interactive garage and lot locations symbols. A brief tap on any garage symbol gives information about the garage at that location including address and telephone number. Future updates may also include coupons to help save on garage and lot parking expenses.

Current users need not worry. They can still tap on the map screen to launch the CAN I PARK HERE? query box to find the legal parking available on a particular block, or give a quick look at the different map symbols to get an overview of street parking rules in a general neighborhood. The garage and parking lot information is not a separate feature but rather an added functionality to the existing app.

Tom Hibbard of Parallel Spaces Maps who designed the app, says "There are some days when you don't have the time to find an open space and have to park the car in a garage. It happens to the best of us. This latest enhancement puts all of the possibilities to legally park your car in one app."

So far, the app calculates legal street parking for non-commercial vehicles, but Mr. Hibbard has offered to make a commercial vehicle version if there is demand for it.  Other features of the app are an address Search ­function, a Favorites bookmark function for neighborhoods where you go often, and a GPS locator button.

Parallel Spaces Maps, LLC plans to release an Android version by this summer.

For further information, contact:

Tom Hibbard, President, Parallel Spaces Maps, LLC.
Office: (888) 775-7353; Cell: (718) 812-5569

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