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Pascal Wehrlein's car ends up roof-first in wall at Monaco Grand Prix

The end result of contact between Pascal Wehrlein and Jenson Button.

Pascal Wehrlein’s car ended up on its side against the outside wall in turn 8 after contact from Jenson Button in the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

Wehrlein and Button were racing at the back of the pack throughout the whole race after they both pitted early. Button was on the inside of Wehrlein as the two went into Portier and there wasn’t room for both cars.

Wehrlein’s car went into the wall.

Here’s what it looked like from Wehrlein’s car. Thankfully the impact wasn’t as hard as it could have been and he was uninjured and walked away from the accident after the car was removed from the wall.

Wehrlein was given a five-second time penalty for an unsafe pit release when he pitted. Both he and Button had pitted at the same time and Wehrlein’s team let him go from the pit just as Button was driving past. Wehrlein cut Button off on the way out and forced Button to slow down to let him ahead.

Wehrlein missed the start of the F1 season because of a neck injury he sustained in a rollover accident in the Race of Champions in Miami.

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