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Pass the poutine: Weed is now legal in Canada and everyone's celebrating

Marcus Gilmer

At the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, the great people of Canada turned over a new leaf, becoming just the second country to legalize marijuana (Uruguay being the first). 

In legalizing weed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made good on a campaign promise and the move is expected to result in the injection of billions of dollars into Canada's economy, including from U.S. cannabis tourists. 

The move isn't without controversy, including debate over pardons (which the country will hand out to those convicted of having 30 grams or less), and the laws vary by province so they require some scrutiny. But legalization is here and has largely been met with open arms and bongs, including on Twitter where people celebrated the news.

Besides the economic boost and becoming even more appealing to American's south of the Canadian border, Canada's new drug laws will make Don Cherry's suits an even more surreal experience for Hockey Night in Canada viewers. Everybody wins. 

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