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Passport Premiere Spots International Business Class Fare Correction

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 13, 2012) - Passport Premiere has detected widespread business class fare sales in response to an unexpected decline in demand on several routes. American Airlines, British Airways, Emirates and Qatar Airways have all slashed business and first class fares up to 80% for both near and future dated departures. Elevated fare levels have encountered strong resistance and carriers have been forced to discount business class fares to avoid empty premium class cabins.

On November 12th, British Airways lowered its already discounted business class fares between the U.S. and Europe by an additional 65%. On the New York - London route, the lowest business class fare has been reset from $3,109 to just $1,399 round trip plus taxes for travel commencing on or after December 15th, 2012. American Airlines has also slashed business class fares by up to 65% on select routes. Business class fares between Chicago and Paris have fallen from from $3,727 to just $1,286 plus taxes for 2013 travel.

Emirates reduced its business and first class fares from its North American gateways by nearly 80% in response to anemic demand for its services at elevated fare levels. Between New York and Sydney, the lowest business class fares fell from $13,864 on November 5th to just $3,000 with four our more travelers on the same itinerary as of today. Similar savings are available for travel originating in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Washington.

Qatar Airways just completed a sweeping fare correction from its North American gateways. During the two day buying event, business class fares between Washington and Capetown were reduced from $6,747 to just $3,220 plus taxes. Similar savings were available to most cities serviced by Qatar Airways.

Passport Premiere advises members whether particular fare levels are supported by legitimate demand or speculation. Members receive route specific BUY and HOLD recommendations and use Fare Monitor to determine if fare levels are likely to fall at a later date. Members are first in line to capture downward fare moves when fare change happens. International premium class travelers seeking to reduce their travel costs can register by visiting the Passport Premiere website.