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Patrick Mahomes: Chiefs never stop adding plays to our offense

Michael David Smith

If you think the Chiefs’ offense was impressive last year, Patrick Mahomes says you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Mahomes said today that the Chiefs have already made significant additions to their playbook this offseason, with a lot more coming.

“We’ve added a lot. We never stop adding plays here. That’s the best thing about this team, this offense: We’re never satisfied with where we’re at. We’re always trying to get better, finding ways to get better as a team, as an offense,” Mahomes said.

As good as Mahomes was in 2018, winning the MVP in his first year as a starter, he said he thinks he can become a better player not by adding to his spectacular highlight reel, but by making the ordinary plays more consistently.

“There’s still a ton that I need to improve on. There really is. I made a lot of plays happen kind of off-script, but there were times I should have just made the easy completion for the first down. So I have to keep finding that line of when I want to make the big play happen and when I should take the easy completion,” Mahomes said.

If Mahomes can get even better than he was last year, that’s a scary proposition for the rest of the league.