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Patrick Mahomes’ TD pass to Tyreek Hill traveled farther than any TD pass in 2017

Michael David Smith

The strong arm of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is going to be a treat to watch in 2018.

Mahomes gave a preview of what he can do in Friday night’s preseason game, hitting Tyreek Hill for a beautiful touchdown bomb. According to the NFL’s NextGen Stats, that pass traveled 68.6 yards in the air, which is farther than any touchdown pass traveled in the air in any game in 2017.

It’s that arm talent that made the Chiefs decide to trade two-first round picks to move up and draft Mahomes in 2017, and it’s that arm talent that made the Chiefs decide to trade Alex Smith to Washington this offseason. Although Smith is a more polished quarterback, he can’t make the throws that Mahomes can make.

With Hill’s speed and Mahomes’ arm strength, opposing defenses are going to be stretched in a way that they’re not accustomed to being stretched. On the touchdown pass last night, Hill raced past three Falcons defenders, who looked surprised that they were getting beaten deep nearly 70 yards downfield.