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Patriot Shield Announces Partnership with HempLogic, Launches New Propagation and Distribution Program for 2020 Season

Denver, Colorado, March 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Patriot Shield, a leader in hemp logistics and security, is launching a new structured propagation program for hemp farmers for the 2020 growing season. Partnering with HempLogic, a global leader in hemp growing services, Patriot Shield is providing premium seeds from its genetics catalog, placed in potting trays with soil and nutrients, and pre-acclimated to the fields they will grow in.

Patriot Shield is offering this propagation program directly to farmers for as little as $0.50 per unit, cutting out middlemen to reduce upfront costs and enabling farmers to gain more control over their seedlings and clones. Farmers with limited capital can also take advantage of Patriot Shield’s financing terms, with only half of the investment due upfront and the other half due well after harvest. In addition, farmers can utilize Patriot Shield’s distribution channels, including its retail and wholesale subsidiary, Veteran HempCo, to further increase their return on investment.

“We are very excited to help farmers start the 2020 growing season with superior seeds and service, lower initial costs, great financing, and more options to help sell their crop,” said Andrew Ross, CEO of Patriot Shield. “Our aim is to allow farmers to focus on what they do best: grow hemp.”

In 2019, Patriot Shield transported over 4.5 million hemp seeds, starts, and clones for dozens of established genetics providers and licensed farms. The company has methodically selected and worked with leading global hemp geneticists and consultants to gain deep insights into genetic variables. The company’s new structured propagation program for 2020 is a direct reflection of these strategic partnerships.

By advising farmers based on acres available, budget, knowledge, and experience with hemp, Patriot Shield links its catalog of partnered genetics to suit the needs of each individual client.

About Patriot Shield

Founded and managed by U.S. military veterans with deep expertise in logistics and security, Patriot Shield is a leading service provider to all areas of the supply chain in the American cannabis (hemp and marijuana) market, delivering end-to-end hemp logistics solutions — from genetics consulting and seedling transport, to harvest strategy and processing, and product warehousing to distribution.

Patriot Shield ensures every link in the hemp supply chain is protected — with custom security plans, a veteran guard force, and state-of-the-art technology, like tamper-proofing, GPS tracking, and video monitoring. Starting as a pioneer in the legal interstate transport of hemp in the U.S. through a landmark court case, now has operations or strategic partnerships across the US, including the key markets of California, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

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